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15 July 2015

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Hi-tech Brings New Impetus to Hunan Cultural Products

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Hunan’s cultural exports surge on the basis of the implementation of the cooperation agreement between the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. In 2018, Changsha became one of the first batch of national cultural export bases. A total of 1,138 Changsha cultural enterprises above the designated size made a total revenue of 145.56 billion CNY, increasing by 8.6% over the previous year. 
Hunan-made fireworks lit up skies around the world, such as the New Year fireworks show at Taipei 101, and the non-powder intelligent sparkular at the 2018 European Singing Contest. Data shows that, in 2018, Hunan exported fireworks and firecrackers of 217,000 tons, valuing 3.27 billion CNY, respectively marking a record increase of 16.5% and 20.8%. Hunan’s fireworks exports accounted for 57.3% of the national total. The main destinations included EU, U.S.A, and Southeast Asian countries. 
Recently, Hunan uses high technology to innovate cultural and creative products, in a bid to upgrade their global competitiveness. An official from the Changsha publicity authority remarked that, Changsha is implementing the digitalization of traditional sectors, such as digital fireworks and lights. Beyond that, special funds were provided to support the “Changsha digital fireworks industry upgrades and exports” project. Quality, creativity, and added value-oriented concepts are the key for enterprises in this regarding.
Hunan’s cultural and creative products are popular at international fairs, together with the traditional products like fireworks, embroidery, and porcelain. At the Hunan cultural exhibition held in Germany in October 2018, the Hunan Museum displayed five animation characters originated from five cultural relics – human face square cauldron, pig goblet, copper elephant goblet, cattle goblet, and copper rhinoceros goblet, and a series of creative and utility products based on these characters. 
In order to promote Hunan’s cultural and creative products to the world, Changsha held the 2018 Changsha Media Art Festival & the International Youth Forum (IYF): Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Road in May that year. It was served as a good platform for Hunan to conduct exchanges with the outside world. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Pang Yuehui
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