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15 July 2015

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Yan Emperor Ancestor Worship Ceremony Held in Zhuzhou

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A memorial worship ceremony for Yan Emperor, who is regarded as the ancestor of all the Chinese, was held at Yan Emperor Mausoleum, Yanling County, Zhuzhou City on April 2, two days before the Qingming Holiday.

Guests from all walks of life gathered on the Quemen Square to participate in the ancestor worship ceremony. The ceremony began at 9:28 AM. Young men in ancient costume solemnly placed offerings on the altar. At the front of the main hall, a chorus of nearly 1,000 sang "Worshiping Yan Emperor" to pay tribute to the great man. At 10:28, dragon and lion dances were performed on Yeling Square. Guests proceeded across the Meridian Gate and then ascended stairs to the Salute Pavilion, the Yan Emperor Mausoleum Palace, and the Tombstone Pavilion. They bowed three times in homage to Yan Emperor before placing burning incense in incense holders.

The "Yan Emperor Worshiping Ceremony" has become a comprehensive cultural carrier integrating music, dance, and literature. In 2006, the ceremony was among China’s first batch of national intangible cultural heritage items. In 2012, the "Ancestor Worship Ceremony at Yan Emperor’s Mausoleum" was rated as one of the "Top Ten, Most Influential, Cultural Events of Searching for Family Root in the World".

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