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15 July 2015

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Hunan Promotional Event Draws International Interest

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As the microcosm of China's reform and opening-up, Hunan province is now faced with significant opportunities brought by the country's new round of further opening-up, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sept 12.

Wang made the remark at an event hosted by the Foreign Ministry to promote Hunan to foreign envoys in China. It is part of the ministry's initiative to present Chinese provinces and municipalities.
"Hunan always enjoys a unique position in the Chinese nation's magnificent development process," Wang said in a speech at the event.
Located in Central China, Hunan is the cradle of Chinese revolution and the birthplace of China's late chairman, Mao Zedong.
According to Wang, Hunan has implemented a strategy of innovation-guided opening-up and development, and actively participates in the Belt and Road Initiative.
The Gross Domestic Product of Hunan was 3.64 trillion yuan in 2018. The GDP created in every six hours now equals to that of a whole year in 1949.
Wang said the achievements that China has made in seven decades demonstrates that China has chosen the right path of development and the Chinese people will unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics despite the difficulties and obstacles that might appear.
"Any external interference or containment will not shake our confidence and courage, neither will it block the historical trend of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," Wang said.
Facing increasing global challenges, China is willing to actively contribute to upholding international just and fairness and safeguarding multilateralism, he added.
Du Jiahao, Party secretary of Hunan province, said China will push forward innovation in all areas with technology innovation as the priority and promote a higher level of opening-up by embracing the world.
Xu Dazhe, governor of Hunan province, said people in all circles at home and abroad are welcomed to join Hunan in its efforts to innovate and open up.
Philippine Ambassador to China Jose Santiago L. Sta. Romana, who made his first visit to Hunan in 1971, said he has witnessed the province's huge transformation over the years.
Chrispus Kiyonga, Uganda's ambassador to China, said his country will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with Hunan in various areas, including agriculture, infrastructure and tourism.
More than 500 people, including diplomatic envoys from more than 130 countries, and representatives from international organizations, business circles and the media attended the event.
Source: China Daily