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15 July 2015

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20 Measures Taken to Improve Services for Industrial Parks

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The General Office of the People’s Government of Hunan Province recently issued Further Reforms to Streamline Administration and Delegate Power, Improve Regulation, and Upgrade Services—20 Measures to Promote the Construction of “Five-good” Industrial Park. These 20 pragmatic policies will benefit a lot to the enterprises in the industrial parks. Let’s have a look!

One-stop Service in Affairs Concerning Industrial Park
More autonomy in park approval services

-One hall to handle government affairs, ‘one-seal’ process to approve, and one main body to serve;
-Delegate power of the entire chain, to deal with affairs concerning industrial park within the park;
-Release approval and supervision information and make reports in double ways, to promote the coordination of examination and management; and,
-Grant permission to approval service and supervision system access for the industrial park.

Whole Process Services Covering the Period from Enterprise Incorporation to Deregistration
Optimize enterprise life cycle services

-Provide industrial park’s version of “One-step Approval Process” platform:
“One-step to start a business”, “one-step to pay taxes”, “one-step to start constructing a project”, “one-step to pass acceptance check” and so on. These could be handled online, at one window, via one-stop service;
-Online “one platform, integrated approval” for enterprise establishment, offline “one-window acceptance, one-time settlement”;
-Adopt “one business license” service mode for enterprise-related administrative examination and approval;
-Business deregistration: adjust the previous 15 working days to 5-10 working days; and,
- “One-step implementation” of policies related to enterprises.

Minimalist Approval
“Four-instant” reform

-Provide service during the period of negotiation;
-Supply land upon signing of the contract;
-Offer supporting facilities as soon as construction starts; and,
-Have application for certificates handled upon the completion of relevant projects.

Service Upgrading
Improve the comprehensive service capabilities of the industrial park

-New terms for investment promotion: quantification of commitments such as approval services, work efficiency, and liability for breach of contract;
-Improve the ability to undertake approval services in the park;
-“Assistant agent” service: door-to-door service, agent service, and one-time service; and,
-“Intelligent park”: digitalized and intelligent services.

Mechanism Guarantee
-Supervision and incentive mechanism: included in the provincial government's pragmatic practices supervision and incentive scope, and the comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the provincial “Five-good” industrial park;
-Fault-tolerant and error-correction mechanism: timely error correction, and those who have fulfilled their duties are not held accountable; and,
-Responsibility implementation mechanism: each of the provincial departments, cities, counties, and industrial parks keep their own responsibilities. 

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