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15 July 2015

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Drinking Osmanthus-flavored Wine

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Osmanthus flowers open and spread a sweet scent in autumn. Osmanthus-flavored wine is a gift during this season.
Osmanthus fragrance is a symbol of prosperity and auspiciousness. Drinking Osmanthus fragrance wine at Mid-Autumn Festival implies sweetness, wealth and auspiciousness, and prosperity of the family.
People gather together to appreciate the moon in which Wu Gang, who chases Chang'e, is cutting a sweet-scented osmanthus tree outside the Moon Palace, according to a legend. They drink the sweet osmanthus-flavored wine to echo the festival atmosphere.
Nowadays, some traditional customs are disappearing, and the younger generation have their own ways to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as shopping, going to a party, or traveling, seemingly forgetting the traditional customs of the festival.
This is because many in the post-80s and 90s generations are working and studying in other cities and some of them have many pressures in life.
However, if they had chance, they would come back home to have a reunion dinner with their families.
Source: China Daily