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15 July 2015


Hunan Promotes Rural Informatization

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Recently, the Hunan Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced that Hunan’s rural informatization project is progressing smoothly. It remarked that rural informatization service stations will be established in 80% of Hunan’s administrative villages by the end of 2019; and, a rural informatization service network will be formed in 2020. A three-in-one promotion mechanism of “government + operator + service provider” will be built, which connects with both the national rural informatization service platform and village-level service stations. The project will provide convenient e-commerce and training services for farmers. 
Rural informatization is an important measure to accelerate agriculture and rural areas modernization. It is an important bridge to have small farmers connected with modern agriculture concept. It is an important platform to promote the entrepreneurship and innovation of new farmers and new technology. It is also an effective effort to promote rural revitalization and digital village construction.
At present, Hunan's agriculture industry and rural areas are in a critical period of transformation and development, facing constraints on resources supplies, and with farmer income growth slowed and rural Internet infrastructure getting backward. Rural informatization can provide timely, accurate, comprehensive, and effective information services, such as production technology and market circulation, for agricultural production and management. It helps promote modern agricultural production and facilitate farmers’ life. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Xiao Juan 
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