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15 July 2015


Hunan Environmental Quality Improves Steadily

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Recently, the Hunan Provincial Ecology and Environment Department released environmental monitoring data which indicated that Hunan environmental quality keeps improving in the first half of 2019.   
Hunan’s 13 cities and one prefecture enjoyed good air quality on 86.6% of days, up 1.7 % from last year.
Monitoring data shows that in the first half of this year, the average PM2.5 concentration in Hunan was 43 mg/m3, an increase of 2.4% over last year. Average PM10 concentration was 60 mg/m3 down 11.8%. The surface water quality is generally excellent. A total of 345 surface water sections at provincial level and above were inspected. Three hundred and twenty-nine sections were Grade Ⅰ- Ⅲ, accounting for 95.4% of all sections. 
The good water quality of Hunan’s 60 national inspection sections under the “Action Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Water Pollution” was 93.3%, increasing 10% over last year. There were no Grade Ⅴ sections. The water quality of Datong Lake improved to be above Grade Ⅴ. Based on the surface water inspection sections water quality ranking for Chinese cities at prefecture-level and above, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Zhangjiajie, Yongzhou, and Changde cities were among the top 30 nationwide. Of the 29 Hunan centralized drinking water source inspection sections at prefecture-level and above, 27 reached water quality standards. 
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