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15 July 2015


Hunan Seeks Public Opinion on One Step Approval Process Second Batch List

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Hunan has carried out “Reform of One Step Approval Process” since this April, and announced the first batch of 100 matters list. This is aimed to better respond to public concerns.
The first batch of matters such as “I want to open a supermarket”, “I want to open a fruit shop”, “I have to apply for a birth certificate”, and “I want to apply for a minimum living allowance”, are gradually put into practice in cities and counties. You may visit the local government service halls or log in the Hunan Provincial Government Online Service Platform to submit relevant materials once, and your “one matter” can be settled in one time.
If the matter you are going to handle is not listed on the 100 matters. Don’t worry! The Hunan Provincial Administrative Management Service Bureau is publicly soliciting the second batch of “one step approval process” matters.
Between August 1 and 15, through the platform at (,) you may offer your concerns, thoughts, matters, and things relating to entrepreneurship. The proposed matters, are likely to be included in the second batch list.
Don’t miss the chance to voice your concerns!
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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