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15 July 2015


Hunan Provincial Natural Resources Affairs Center Set up

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The Hunan Provincial Natural Resources Affairs Center (HPNRAC) was established on May 6, 2019. Chen Wenhao, vice governor of Hunan Province, attended the opening ceremony.
The center integrates the duties of former Hunan Provincial Geological Environment Monitoring Station, Hunan Provincial Land Resources Information Center, Hunan Provincial Land Resources Planning Institute, Hunan Provincial Land Acquisition Affairs Center, and Hunan Provincial Land Resources Department Publicity Center.
It mainly serves the Hunan Provincial Department of Natural Resources Department in the follow aspects:
-Unified exercise of the responsibility of all natural resource asset owners;
-Unified exercise of all land space use control and ecological protection and restoration duties; and,
-Public natural resources welfare services.
Xia Weiping, HPNRAC director, said that the center has provided some big data services to the public, such as mineral rights registration, mineral resources and other related natural geographic information search. Comprehensive and effective natural geographic information will help individuals or enterprises to grasp natural resources conditions and make rational development and utilization.
The Hunan Provincial Department of Natural Resources was founded in last October. Since then, the institutions directly under the provincial, the municipal, district, and county-level natural resources authorities have carried out reform smoothly and orderly. At present, all the 13 cities and 1 prefecture of Hunan have established new natural resources and planning bureaus.
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