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15 July 2015

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Changsha’s Foreign Trade Hits 100 Bln CNY in First 7 Months

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The Changsha Customs announced on August 14 that Changsha’s foreign trade volume reached 102.39 billion CNY in the first 7 months this year, an increase of 62% over the same period last year. The growth rate was 16 percentage points higher than the provincial level. The exports totaled 71.74 billion CNY, up 86.9%; and, the imports totaled 30.65 billion CNY, rising 23.8%.
Mechanical and electrical products, and high-tech products are major drives for Changsha’s foreign trade growth.
The exports of mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products grew rapidly. In the first 7 months, Changsha's exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 36.56 billion CNY, up 83.8%, and accounting for 50.9% of the city's total. The exports of high-tech products were 14.55 billion CNY, up 83%, and constituting 20.3% of the city’s total.
Between January and July, Changsha imported 17.76 billion CNY of mechanical and electrical products, growing by 12%, and accounting for 57.9% of the city's total.
Thanks to the opening of Changsha’s several international freight routes, aquatic products became a new highlight contributing to the city’s foreign trade growth, and the imports of automobiles and agricultural products registered a rapid growth.
During the January-July period, aquatic product imports reached 690 million CNY, increasing by 449%; Automobile imports totaled 2.34 billion CNY, up 208.6%; and, agricultural product imports doubled over last year to 4.25 billion CNY.