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15 July 2015

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“Five 100” Action Plan Progress in H1 Reviewed

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A conference to review and promote industrial construction was held on July 29, 2019. The “Year of Industrial Projects Construction” achievements in the first half of this year (H1) was announced at the meeting. It said smooth progress has been made generally in the “Five 100” Action Plan, with more than half of the tasks achieved in H1.
There were 119 “100 key industrial projects”, with an investment of 54.69 billion CNY completed, accounting for 50.7% of the annual plan. This was 5.2 percentage points higher than the same period of last year, and 1.7 percentage points higher than the provincial average project progress. There were 30 newly-opened projects, accounting for 91% of the annual plan.
A total of 115 “100 scientific and technological innovation projects” completed 7.71 billion CNY in investment and 2.168 billion CNY in R & D investment, accounting for 54.6% and 58.5% of the annual plan respectively. Among them, 1,183 patents have been applied and authorized, with new sales revenue exceeding 8.5 billion CNY and new employment of about 25,000.
In the “100 major products innovations projects”, 117 ones completed an investment of 4.05 billion CNY, accounting for 55.4% of the annual plan. Seven projects including Hengyuan high-efficiency oil-cooled bearing hydro-generators have been put into production. There were 358 key technological breakthroughs made and 607 invention patents applied. The sales income was 10.28 billion CNY and the tax revenue 437 million CNY.
As for introducing “100 Top 500 Enterprises”, 76 investment industrial projects funded by 59 enterprises were brought in, with a total contracted investment of 171.04 billion CNY. There were 37 projects of the world's top 500 enterprises, 29 of China's top 500 enterprises, and 10 of the top 500 private enterprises.
In terms of “100 scientific and technological innovation talents” introduction, 206 persons to be introduced have signed work contracts or agreements. The “Lianxiang (United Hunan) Innovation and Entrepreneur Talent Service Workstation Management Method (Trial)” was issued, with 15 Lianxiang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workstations established. This would be a strong foundation for the provincial introduction of scientific and technological innovation talents and differentiated versatile talents.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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