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15 July 2015

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Hunan-EU Trade Reaches 1.71 Bln CNY in First 4 Months

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Changsha Customs announced that, between this January and April, Hunan’s combined EU imports and exports totaled 17.14 billion CNY, increasing 66.2% over last year. Export value was 11.73 billion CNY, up 90.5%; and, imports were 5.41 billion CNY, up 30.3%. Changsha’s EU imports and exports totaled 9.21 billion CNY, growing by 76%, and contributing 53.7% of Hunan’s trade with the EU, the highest in the province.   
Hunan’s major trading partners included Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Between January and April, Hunan’s trade with Germany reached 5.23 billion CNY, an increase of 93.9%, and accounting for 30.5% of the provincial total. Trade with the Netherlands was 2.82 billion CNY, an increase of 81.7%; and, with the UK was 2.12 billion CNY, increasing 75.3%. 
Diesel trucks and infant milk powder were among the major imported products. During the first 4 months, Hunan imported diesel trucks worth 1.78 billion CNY from EU, 2.1 times more than that of last year. Large construction machinery manufacturers, such as Zoomlion, and Sany were major importers. This surge was due to the recovery of infrastructure construction, and doubled construction machinery orders. 
Hunan’s imports of EU formula milk powder grew sharply. According to Hunan Huayi Trading Co., Ltd. manager, Hunan customers prefer milk powder from the Netherlands and other EU countries, rather than those from Australia and New Zealand, due to stricter production standards and a better environment. During the first four months, Hunan imported milk powder worth 730 million CNY from the EU, ranking second among the imported commodities from the EU, a increase of 71.7%. 
Toys and porcelain were major export products and both grew significiantly. In the first 4 months, Hunan exported toys of 640 million CNY to EU, 12.5 times more than that of last year; and, porcelain tableware of 360 million CNY, growing by 70.4%. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
Translator: Pang Yuehui
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