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15 July 2015

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Changsha’s Foreign Trade up 58.2% in the First Four Months

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The Changsha Customs announced on May 13 that, between January and April 2019, Changsha’s foreign trade value totaled 50.33 billion CNY, an increase of 58.2% over the same period last year, 22.8 percentage points higher than the province. 
The first four months saw a boom in Changsha’s general trade and processing trade, private enterprises’ foreign trade, and hi-tech product exports. This indicates that Changsha’s foreign trade structure has been optimized gradually, and the foreign trade transformation and upgrading begin to take effect.
Between January and April, the imports and exports in general trade were 38.87 billion CNY, growing by 56.1%, taking up 77.2% of the city’s total; and, that in processing trade amounted to 9.68 billion CNY, up 56.6%, constituting 19.2%. Private enterprises have become the most dynamic business entities with great potential in exports. The imports and exports by Changsha’s private enterprises reached 34.22 billion CNY, an increase of 84.7%, accounting for 67.9%.
Exports grew rapidly. Mechanical and electrical products, and high-tech products were major exported goods. In the first four months, the city’s exports totaled 34.67 billion CNY, up 80.9%. Among them, the exports of mechanical and electrical products were 17.92 billion CNY, an increase of 75.1%, accounting for 51.7% of the city’s total; and that of high-tech products reached 7.41 billion CNY, an increase of 64.8%, accounting for 21.4%.