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15 July 2015

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Zurbrueggen, Hörmann Join in Changsha Overseas Returnee Town Construction

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The Zurbrueggen Wohn-Zentrum and the Hörmann Group signed an agreement of strategic cooperation at the Zurbrueggen China Headquarters in Changsha recently. Zurbrueggen China General Manager Wang Xueli and Hörmann Asia Pacific Managing Director Jochen Nippel attended the signing ceremony.

The two parties agreed to join hands in boosting the construction of the Overseas Returnee Town in Changsha, and providing safe and comfortable accommodation for overseas returnees. This is the first China-based cooperation between the two corporations.

The Overseas Returnee Town project is a part of the returnee development plan of the Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA), also called Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China. Ten such towns are planed around China. Changsha is applying for establishing such a town oriented to intelligent manufacturing, in a bid to implement the Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy and accelerate Hunan’s internationalization process. Changsha’s Overseas Returnee Town pilot zone will be built with the Zurbrueggen China Headquarters as the center, and based on Yanghu International Community. It will become a sample featuring intelligent innovation and headquarters economy.

In the light of the project plan, Zurbrueggen is currently building industrial platforms and internationalized accommodations, including a China-Germany Intelligent Manufacturing (Hunan) Innovation Center, a Changsha (Yanghu Lake) International Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Base, and apartment buildings for returned scholars.

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