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15 July 2015

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Changsha Rolls out 1,575 Major Projects This Year

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Changsha released an investment plan for major projects in 2021 on February 20. A total of 1,575 major projects including bundled projects will be rolled out, including 870 on-going projects and 705 new ones. These projects’ total investment is expected to be 1.7604 trillion yuan, with an estimated investment of 391.6 billion yuan in 2021.

“Changsha has rolled out projects at a 9% growth rate this year, and the number of projects, the total investment, and the annual investment have increased steadily over last year,” said Xia Wenbin, director of the Changsha Municipal Development and Reform Commission. “This reflects the market’s confidence in Changsha’s development,” he added.

Changsha’s major projects this year are divided into government investment projects and social  investment projects. However, the proportion of social investment and government investment has changed. The proportion of government investment in projects increased from 29% last year to 31%. Among the social investment projects, there are 431 high-tech industrial projects, accounting for more than 43%. This indicates that Changsha’s economic foundation and development momentum will be further increased during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. 

To further advance project construction, the number of municipal leader-liaised projects this year will increase from 48 last year to 100. The top 10 industrial projects, top 10 technological projects, top 10 infrastructure projects, top 10 public service facilities projects, and top 10 people's livelihood projects will be selected from 100 municipal leader-liaised projects and major technological and people's livelihood projects to exemplify and guide project construction.