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15 July 2015

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Investment Procedures

Application Procedures for Foreign-funded Projects


1. Examination and Approval Procedures for Sino-foreign Joint Ventures and Sino-foreign Cooperative Project (Enterprise) in Hunan Province


2. Examination and Approval Procedures for Wholly Foreign-owned Project (Enterprise) in Hunan


Note: The issues involved in land shall be contacted and negotiated with local government.



3. Examination and Approval Procedures for Foreign Processing Trade



(In the table the approval authority for Opening Activity Account is changed to Provincial Branch, Bank of China. The Provincial Branch, Bank of China is changed to bank designated for foreign exchange business)

(1) The following items shall be included in the application:
(a) Names of the contracted parties, contract number, date and term of the contract;
(b) Name, specification, model and quantity of the product(s), total value of import & export;
(c) In addition, for contractual processing and assembling, the unit price and the total amount of processing/assembling charges shall be included.


(2) Note

"*" Document raised by foreign-owned enterprise
"○" Document raised by domestic enterprise
"△" Receive the document downloaded from Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce



4. Application Procedures for Permanent Representative Agency of Foreign Enterprise
Foreign traders, manufacturers, forwarding agencies and other economic entity applying for setting up permanent representative agency in Hunan may register in administration bureau for industry and commerce, then go to the local public security organ to go through formalities for staying, register in taxation department and open account in related bank.



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