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15 July 2015

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2017 Hunan (Nanshan) Folk Song Festival

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The 2017 Hunan (Nanshan) Folk Song Festival will be held in Chengbu Miao Autonomous County, Shaoyang City on July 28.

The county is known as a cradle of folk songs since ancient times. On the sixth day of the sixth lunar month in 1740, Chengbu people initiated an uprising and sang folk songs to encourage the soldiers. From then on, the folk song festival has been passed down and become a festive celebration in the county.

The annual festival has been held for 19 sessions since 1999. Three national folk song competitions have been organized. The county is committed to making the festival a Hunan cultural brand.

The 2017 festival consists of the third national folk song competition (May 26 – July 9), Hunan-Guangxi tourism promotion conference (July 21), the third Chengbu public folk song contest (July 23 – July 25), the folk song festival and Hunan-Guangxi folk custom festival opening ceremony gala (July 28), and the first Shaoyang cultural maker contest on rural tourism (July 27 – July 28). 

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