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15 July 2015

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Promo Video on Hunan’s Tourism Released

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A new promotional video on Hunan tourism and the new tourism slogan were released by the Tourism Development Committee of Hunan Province recently. The slogan is literally called “Splendid Xiaoxiang, Hometown of Great Men—Hunan is so rich in beauty.” The video is now being broadcasted on Hunan TV and CCTV.

Based on Hunan’s rich culture resources, places of historic interest, natural sceneries, and folk customs, the video was made, fully displaying Hunan’s abundant cultural and tourism treasures.

Places introduced in the promo video include Orange Isle, Former Residence of Mao Zedong, Yuelu Academy, Zhangjiajie, Hengshan Mountain, Langshan Mountain, Yueyang Tower, Dongting Lake, Dongjiang Lake, Fenghuang Ancient Town, Taohuayuan (Peace Blossom Land), Mausoleum of Emperor Yan, Mausoleum of Emperor Shun, Ziqujie Terrace, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town, and Ancient Tea-horse Road.

Tourists around the globe are sincerely invited to visit such a charming place, Hunan.


Please scan the following QR code to watch the video.



Brief introduction of the places included in the video:

Orange Isle

Admission fee: free 

Location: Changsha
Watched from the Peak of Mount Yuelu, Orange Isle is like a black silk ribbon lying in the middle of the river and like a dark yellowish green barrier while seen in the river bank. As the world's longest inland river isle, Orange Isle connects the Mount Yuelu in the west and the downtown in the east, with a length of 5km and a width of 50-200 meters and a total area of 70kms.


Former Residence of Chairman Mao

Admission fee: free
Location: Shaoshan
The Former Residence of Chairman Mao is located at Shangwu Ground, Tudi Chong, Shaoshan Village, Shaoshan Township. Shaoshan is a small mountain village about 120km away from Changsha, the capital of Hunan province.


Yuelu Academy

Admission fee: 50 yuan
Location: Changsha
Yuelu Academy, one of the four greatest academies in ancient China, is situated at the foot of Yuelu Mountain.


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Admission fee: 248 yuan
Location: Zhangjiajie
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is located in the southwest part of Wulingyuan Scenic Spot which is situated in the northwest part of Hunan Province. In 1992, Wulingyuan Scenic Spot with Zhangjiajie National Forest Park as its main part was inscribed by the UNESCO on the "World Natural Heritage List".


Hengshan Mountain  

Admission fee: 100 yuan
Location: Hengyang
Hengshan Mountain, located in Hengyang City, is one of the five great mountains in China. The mountain has 72 peaks, with grand and magnificent temples.  


 Langshan Mountain  

Admission fee: 130-180 yuan
Location: Xinning County, Shaoyang
Covering an area of 108 square kilometers, Langshan Mountain is famous for its unique Danxia landform. It was included in list of the World Natural Heritage in 2010.


Yueyang Tower

Admission fee: 80 yuan
Location: Yueyang
Yueyang Tower is located on the bank of Dongting Lake in the northwest of Yueyang City. The tower, together with the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan and the Prince Teng's Pavilion in Nanchang, is known as three great towers in south of the Yangtze River.


Dongting Lake 

Adimission fee: free 
Location: Yueyang 
Dongting Lake is a famous Chinese fresh water lake, second only to the Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province.The Yueyang Tower-Dongting Lake scenic area covers an area of 1,300 square kilometers.


 Dongjiang Lake

Admission fee: 52 yuan

Location: Zixing City, Chenzhou

Dongjiang Lake is a 5A national scenic area. It is a man-made lake covering 160 square kilometers.


Fenghuang Ancient Town

Admission fee: 148 yuan
Location: Fenghuang County, Xiangxi
This ancient small town, according to New Zealand writer Rewi Alley, is one of the two most picturesque small towns in China, with colorful and hospitable people. The town features distinct residential buildings, elegant bridges plus several mysterious towers and pagodas.


 Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Land)

Admission fee: 75 yuan for peak tourist season (Mar. - Oct.); 65 yuan for tourist off-season (Nov. – Feb.)
Location: Taoyuan County, Changde
Taohuayuan, a national AAAA scenic spot, is 15 kilometers southwest of Taoyuan County and famous for the great prose entitled "Peach Blossom Spring" by the great poet Tao Yuanming (365AD-427AD). 


 Mausoleum of Emperor Yan

Admission fee: 60 yuan
Location: Yanling County, Zhuzhou
Emperor Yan is a legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation. The mausoleum of Emperor Yan is located in Yanling County, Hunan Province. According to legends, Emperor Yan is widely believed to be an initiator of crop planting and herbal medicine in ancient China. 


 Mausoleum of Emperor Shun

Admission fee: 80 yuan
Location: Ningyuan County, Yongzhou
Emperor Shun was a legendary leader of ancient China, regarded by some sources as one of the Five Emperors. The Mausoleum of Emperor Shun is located in Jiuyi Mountain which is about 30 km away from the south of Ningyuan County, Hunan. 


 Ziquejie Terrace

Admission fee: 86 yuan
Location: Xinhua County, Loudi
At Ziquejie Terrace you can see layers upon layers of terraces mapped on the hills like green waves rolling among the mountains. Created during the Qin Dynasty (221 BC – 206 BC), Ziquejie Terrace spreads all over the hills at an altitude of 500 meters to 1,000 meters at Shuiche Town. 



Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town

Admission fee: 120 yuan
Location: Hongjiang, Huaihua
It once served as the assembly and distribution center for various commodities for seven nearby provinces and regions due to its location at the confluence of the Wushui and Yuanshui rivers. 


Ancient Tea-horse Road

Admission fee: free
Location: Anhua County, Yiyang
The ancient commercial passage has long been dubbed as the last caravan road and the well-preserved remnant of ancient tea-horse road in south China.


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