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15 July 2015

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Chenzhou Hotspring Tour

Mangshan National Forest Park


Located at Yizhang County, Chenzhou, Mangshan National Forest Park has the most intact subtropical primeval secondary forest and evergreen broad-leave forest in the world. It covers 6,000 hectares, housing both the north and the south plants. Here grow more than 1700 kinds of plants, of which 5 kinds are the national first-class protective rare ones. Also it is home to some 300 varieties of animals, of which snow leopard, Yellow-bellied tragopan, spotted deer, golden cat and python are under the first-class state protection. Mangshan National Forest Park is a complete forest museum with abundant rainfall and rich natural resources. It is called "Natural Museum of Propagation" and "Gene Bank of Biology" by worldwide experts. It is a national reserve sanctified by State Council of China.


The minority Yao lives nearby. Their houses have very exquisite roofs and poles, finished wood windows, and picture plaques about the main gates, which forms unique primitive simplicity and elegance. And their raiment, embroidered with fine pictures, is simple and beautiful. The King Pan Festival started to fast King Pan and singing competition is endowed with folk customs.


Beautiful Dongjiang in Chenzhou


Located at the upriver of Dongjiang River, Dongjiang Lake is close to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and 107 National Highway, 38 kilometers from the downtown of Zixing City. It is a man-made lake covering about 160 square kilometers and is called "Dongting Lake of southern Hunan". There are spots like Dongjiang Lake, Doushuai Spirit Caves, Dragon Scenery Park, Hougushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam, etc. In addition, the First Drift of China's Eco-tourism Drift, bailout above water, seaplane, aquatic slide way, the hot spring bathes and so on, much integrating participation and sightseeing, can be found and fully experienced here. The Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area is also the natural oxygen bar with fresh air all year round. And it is surrounded by islands of sizes and luxuriant primeval forests with precious birds and animals living among. Dongjiang Lake, for its picturesque scenes and an expanse of water, is also well known as the "Eastern Swiss" Lake.


The Dongjiang rafting is located in the Huangcao Town, in the utmost south of the Dongjiang Lake, 28 km long in total, 75 meters of fall and there are 108 dangerous shoals along the way, the longest one of which is over 100 meters long. It has the only man-made whitewater rafting slide way in the world. Boating downstream, you can appreciate the lush trees, virgin forests, odd stones and rocks, clear water, and colorful fishes and forget the outside world for a while. Moreover, you can enjoy the water parachute jump, water motorsports, water slide way, fishing at the bank of the lake, soaking in the hot springs and so on.


Fuquan Hot Spring Resort


Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort of Chenzhou City is located in Reshui Town. It is on the border of Hunan, Guangdong and Jiangxi Province. Fuquan Resort combines housing, dining, amusement, hot spring hydrotherapy, and business conferences together, and is the vacation place of large hot spring bath recuperating with the main architecture style of folk houses in the South Hunan Province.


The resort covers an area of 130 mu (8.67 hectare) with gross building area over 14,000 square meters, 33 recuperating bath pools and 86 suits of all kinds of comfortable guest rooms. It is located between the mountain and river forming a breath-taking scenery, and is surrounded by the magnificent bamboo sea, which has created a graceful and restrained atmosphere. The hot spring water effuses from the depth of earth's surface which is clean and limpid. There are many scenic spots in the resort such as Danqu Spring, Feishui Village Waterfall, Red Army Pool, and the site of enveloped spring from the Ming Dynasty. As a national AAAA scenic area, it is one of the four largest hot springs in south China. The hot spring water is helpful in the treatment of various kinds of rheumatism, skin diseases and other diseases related with the genital system. It must be the best place for your health care, holiday and leisure.



The hot spring in Rucheng Hot Spring Fuquan Resort of Chenzhou City is the largest natural hot spring in Hunan Province, one of the four geothermal fields in South China, and the hottest natural spring in China, with the highest temperature of 98 degree centigrade.


National Rating: AAAA

Tel: (86)735-8471070

Opening hours: 15:00-24:00

Address: Reshui Town, Rucheng Country, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province.


Traffic Route: There are coaches from Chenzhou to Rucheng and it will take about 4 hours. You can also take the coach from Chenzhou to Ganzhou at 6:40AM every day, which will pass by Rucheng.


Ticket (for reference): RMB 88 yuan /adult


Longnv Hot Spring


Legend has it that it is a spring bestowed by Heavenly God to the third daughter of Dragon King for her to drink and bathe in. The hot spring is located in Tongkenghu Village, Shijiao Township, Beihu Distric, about five km away from the city center of Chenzhou, and 1.5 km away from national highway No.107, which provides convenient transportation. It is a theme park which integrates sightseeing, holiday leisure, business, recreation and health care. The spring water is limpid and transparent and rich in mineral resources, which is suitable for drinking or taking a bath and the temperature of it is about 40℃. The spring water has unique therapeutic effects for many diseases.


Address: Xianchitang of Tongkenghu Village, Industrial North Road, Chenzhou.

Traffic Route:Take No.2, No.3 or No 4 bus directly there, or take a taxi.

Tel: (86)735-2328518