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15 July 2015

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First Batch of Environmental Protection Monitors Certified in Changsha

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In order to improve the mechanism of public participation, increase publicity on environmental protection, strengthen social supervision on environmental protection, and solve hot issues on environmental protection and difficult problems occurred, the first batch of 26 environmental protection monitors were officially certified in Furong District, Changsha on March 27. They will be functioned as “woodpecker” and “advisor" of environmental protection departments at all levels in Changsha. 

At the moment, the monitors will join in the Office of “Blue Sky” to supervise law enforcement, to accumulate experiences and methods for supervision of environmental protection. They will also be trained on the knowledge about air pollution protection. Through taking such trainings, their capabilities will be gradually enhanced. On the afternoon of March 27, the team members have already gone on its initial tour of inspection around residential communities. 

The monitors were recommended by communities. They were once volunteers of environmental protection, or from grass-roots departments on environmental protection. According to the head of the Office of “Blue Sky” in Furong District, the initiative of appointing environmental protection monitors is beneficial to the action of “defending the blue sky”. They will help enhance connection between government and the masses, and enable masses to understand, care for and support for protecting the environment. Therefore, the “battle for blue sky” will be gradually achieved.

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