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15 July 2015

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[Residence] I'd like to know about the latest information of the family reunion category green card? How someone can obtain it?

The foreign permanent residence ID card, or the Chinese "green card", is a valid identity certificate for foreigners whose residence period in China is not limited. 
The organs that accept applications for foreign permanent residence ID card in our province are the departments or bureaus of public security at the level of municipality or autonomous prefecture in the place of applicant’s long-term residence.  
Foreigners applying for permanent residence in China must abide by Chinese laws, be in good health, have no criminal record and meet some criteria.
For couples’ reunion, applicants need to meet the condition that:
Be married to a Chinese citizen or a foreigner with permanent residence status in Hunan, for at least five years, with at least five consecutive years of residence in Hunan and at least nine months of residence in Hunan each year, and having stable source of subsistence and dwelling place. 
They should provide documents as follows:
 (Among all the documents above, those issued by foreign departments concerned, need to be certified by Chinese embassies in foreign countries);
1. Application Form for Foreigner’s Permanent Residence in China;
2. A copy of valid passport or other certificate;
3. A health certificate issued by a health quarantine agency designated by the Chinese government or by a foreign health quarantine agency recognized by the relevant Chinese government or by a foreign health quarantine agency recognized by the relevant Chinese embassy or consulate;
4. A certificate of No Criminal Conviction in the main living area of foreign countries (more than 2 years’ residence) certified by Chinese embassies in foreign countries; 
5. Four recent full-face color photos (2 by 2 inches, bareheaded) of the applicant; and,
6. Other relevant materials or special materials required for couples’ reunion category.
1)Chinese spouse’s registered permanent residence certificate or foreign spouse's Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card;
2) Marriage certificate;
3) A notarized certificate of source of subsistence; and,
4) House lease certificate or ownership title.
Foreigners who have been approved to stay permanently in China shall reside in China for at least three months each year. The validity period of the Foreign Permanent Residence ID card is five or ten years.
The public security organ shall decide whether to approve or reject the application for permanent residence permit within 6 months from the date of receipt of the application.