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15 July 2015

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[Business] We want to visit and see trade at The IECC location. Is IECC still open and can be visited?

Welcome to visit Hunan. We contacted the IECC. The working staff told us:

The Import & Export Commodity Center (IECC) is open to the public all the year round. No invitation letter is needed. 
As for the weather, it is early winter season now in Changsha. It’s not that cold now. But the following month, we believe the temperature will drop sharply. The following temperature chart is for your reference.
Opening time: Monday to Friday: 10:00–18:00, Saturday to Sunday: 9:30–18:30 (Beijing Time)
Location: 150 meters away (northward) from the intersection of Kaishun Road and Xiangjiang North Road (开顺路与湘江北路交叉口北150米)
Contact: +86 731 82899801 (I suggest you to give them a call before you start your trip.)