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15 July 2015

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[Study] What kind of qualifications should I have in order to get enrolled in a Chinese university?

For learners and trainees of Chinese languages, enrollment will be on the basis of competitive selection in light of education certificates.


For those to be undergraduates of arts, enrollment will be on the basis of competitive selection in light of degree certificates, medium stage C level certificates of HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi -- Chinese Proficiency Test), and the examinations and tests held by the universities.


For those to be scientific, medical, agricultural, or technological undergraduates, enrollment will be on the basis of competitive selection in light of degree certificates, primary stage C level of HSK result, and the Admission examinations.


Those to be postgraduates ought to have bachelor's degrees certificates, certificates for courses already attended and transcripts, recommendations of two associate professors (or with titles above), and will have to pass the entrance examinations arranged by relevant universities.


Only by means of attending courses arranged by the universities and passing courses examinations after they arrive in China can these students gain their qualifications to prepare theses, or otherwise they will have to graduate as trainees. The applicants already in China should attend united postgraduate admission examinations held in China. The graduates from universities in China and of the same year may be enrolled by universities and colleges in light of China's recommendation admission methods without usual entrance examinations. Applicants for doctoral studies must be of Master's degree, with certificates, list of courses accomplished, two recommendation letters by teachers with titles of associate professor or above, and pass the examinations or tests held by the universities and colleges.


Applicants already in China should attend united doctoral students admission examinations held for native students. Foreign postgraduates in China who are qualified of graduating and studying for doctorates ahead of schedule can study for doctoral degrees in advance according to the relevant regulations. I’m considering going to study in China. Can you brief me about the general application procedures? Application procedures may vary between institutions and courses. We recommend that you visit the university’s website for the latest information. And you are advised to contact the admission office or the foreign students’ office at the institution you are interested in. Apply to the institution before the final application date.


The application documents usually includes: a qualified copy of your highest diploma with a copy of the corresponding transcript, the application form and a copy of your passport. The necessary application documents varies in different universities Following submission of all necessary documents within a month or two, the university will send you the admission notice,a JW202 (Visa Application for Study in China) and guide for new students . The medical examination report is valid for a limited time, so do not do it too early. After you have received the documents, you may apply for a visa and make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after leaving China. After arriving in China, bring all the necessary documents to the registration desk. Upon registration you might also need to have a proof of insurance coverage. Also, when registering some universities only accept cash. When living off campus, you must register at a local police station. Some universities can provide a list of housing possibilities and if you do wish to do this, it might be useful to make a reservation two months in advance.