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15 July 2015

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Hunan Normal University

Chapter I Why HNU? 


A Top-ranking University HNU is a "211 project" university, ranking 60th among China's key 100 universities. In 2011, HNU was elected as one of "Ten Famous Universities" by all the foreign students in China.


First-class Living Condition The foreign students' dormitory is constructed according to the Standard of three-star hotel. Each room is with a pirate washing room and a balcony. In the room there are a TV set, a fridge, a telephone, a water heater, internet service, bookshelves, desks, soft simmons beds and etc.. Public laundry is in the basement and public kitchens are located in each floor. The foreign students' dormitory living fee is much cheaper than those in Beijing and Shanghai.


Perfect Supporting Facilities About 50 meters away from the foreign students' dormitory there are four banks and a Post Office, where students can draw and deposit money and get Western Union service. A super market and a students' dinning room is around 100 meters away, where students can buy necessaries and get food. The university library is 200 meters away, where is a good place for students to do individual learning at the main teaching building where students have their classes is about 5 minute walk and only 400 meters away.


Excellent Chinese Teaching and Services A professional college called International College of Chinese Language and Culture at HNU is especially set up for foreign students to learn Chinese. In each class, there are around 15 students and the college provides one-to-one Chinese training. Specialists in the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation offer admission services, airport pick-up, living and students' visa help.


Chapter II Scholarship  


1. Chinese Government Scholarship 


This scholarship pays for tuition and incidental expenses, accommodation fee, Comprehensive Medical Insurance, and provides living allowance from 1,700- 2,000 Yuan 222-318 USD per month. Applicants shall apply to Chinese diplomatic missions or dispatching authorities between January and April every year.


Applicants can apply to study as a Senior scholar, General scholar, Chinese language students, or they may pursue their Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and Doctoral degree students.


For more detailed application information, please go to the website of China Scholarship Council:


2. Confucius Institute Scholarship 


This scholarship exempts from tuition and incidental expenses, accommodation fee, comprehensive medical insurance, and provides living allowance from 1,400- 1,900 Yuan(222-302 USD) per month.


Applicants shall apply to Chinese diplomatic missions or Confucius Institutes in theirs own countries between January and April every year.


Applicants can apply to study as a Senior scholar, General scholar, Chinese language students, or they may pursue their Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and Doctoral degree students.



3. Education Forum for Asia Scholarship


Each year HNU provides five scholarships to Asian countries students. This scholarship exempts tuition fee and registration fees. The applicants can apply through the Chinese embassy or consulate or embassy of their home countries. The application deadline is the end of May of each year. This scholarship can only accept language students.



4. Provincial Excellent Foreign Student Scholarship (by Hunan Education Department) 


The Provincial Excellent Foreign Students Scholarship is provided by the Hunan Province and is given to the outstanding foreign students. Those students will be rewarded one year scholarship.

For language student 

6,000 Yuan (952 USD) 

For bachelor student 

15,000 Yuan (2381 USD) 

For master student         

20,000 Yuan (3175 USD) 

For doctor student 

25,000Yuan (3968 USD) 


5. University Excellent Foreign Student Scholarship (by HNU) 


The University Excellent Foreign Students Scholarship is provided by HNU and is given to the foreign students who study excellently. Those students who get the scholarships can get the rewards of the exemption of half tuition or full tuition for the next semester or next year.


Chapter III Application Procedures 




The University usually enrolls students in spring and autumn. A new term begins at the beginning of March in spring. In autumn, classes begin in early September. Applicants may request application forms from the International Office of the university one to four months in advance or download application forms.


The following documents are required for application:

A copy of the passport information page;

completed application form;

notarized degree certificates and official transcripts (required for degree applicants);

recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors;

(only required for master and doctor applicants);


The materials mentioned above should be emailed or faxed to the overseas student's admission office beforehand when submitting the application and the originals can be submitted for verification when the student arrives for registration.


Visa Application 


The applicants may apply for a studying visa (X Visa) from the Chinese embassy or consulate via JW202 application form (visa application for study in China) and the Admission Notice sent by our university. Visiting scholar visa (F Visa) may be accepted for those whose term of study is less than 6 months.




Chapter IV Programs 


Special Academic Programs 


International College of Chinese Language and Culture 

- The Chinese Language and Literature course for Overseas Students 


College of Liberal Arts 

- TCSL (Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language)
- The MTCSOL (Master of Teaching Chinese to Spakers of Other Languages)


College of Music 

- Chinese Traditional Music and Dance
- Musical Performance


College of Fine Arts  

- Science of Design
- Chinese Calligraphy and Painting


College of Physical Education 

- Chinese Wushu, Lion Dance and Dragon Dance 


Bilingual (English and Chinese) teaching programs 


College of Foreign Studies  

- English Language Teaching
- English Language and Literature


College of Commerce 

- Business Administration
- Economy
- Marketing
- Finance
- International Trade and Business


College of Mathematics and Computer Science  

- Practical Mathematics  


College of Life Science  

- Genetics
- Cryobiology
- Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
- Life Science


College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 

- Organic Chemistry  


College of Law  

- International Law 


College of Polytechnic 

- Electronic and Mechanical Engineering 


English teaching Programs 


College of Tourism 

- Tourism and Hotel Management  


College of Medicine 

- Clinical Medicine  


College of Polytechnic 

- Computer Science and Technology 



Chapter V Tuitions 


Tuition (Please pay in Chinese RMB, current exchange rate: 6.2Yuan=1USD) 

Student Status 




Yuan per week
Yuan per month
Yuan for three months

Chinese Language Programs 


Yuan for one semester
Yuan for a year



17,000 Yuan for a year
19,000 Yuan for a year
25,000 Yuan for a year



20,000 Yuan for a year
22,000 Yuan for a year
30,000 Yuan for a year



22,000Yuan for a year
24,000Yuan for a year
33,000 Yuan for a year

Other Fees



Charging Standard 


500 Yuan 


Around 300 Yuan per semester  

Culture Trips and Social Research  

Depends on distances traveled and the total amount of fees  


30 Yuan per day 


600 Yuan (double room)
1,200 Yuan single room

Physical Examination  

Around 450 Yuan  

Residence permit 

400 Yuan per year  


300 Yuan per semester