Activities Schedule of Expo Central China 2012

Overview of Expo Central China 2012

The 7th Central China Investment and Trade Exposition (Expo Central China 2012), to run from May 18 to 20, is themed with "Opening-up Rising, Green Development".




Hunan will highlight innovation in five aspects, i.e. location, summit forum, evening gala, exposition, and...


Green Development

Themed as "Open Rise & Green Development", the expo will seize the chance of global capital...


About Hunan

The 800-li Dongting Lake is like a pearl embedded in the central China. On its south, there is such a treasure land with abundant talents and rich local production. It is Hunan, meaning a place south to Dongting Lake. Hunan is short for its longest river...


Invest in Hunan

Economic Development in Hunan Investment Invitation Projects Key Development Zones Useful information for investment in Hunan

About Shanxi

Shanxi province (Jin, in abbreviated form) lies along the middle reaches of the Yellow River, to the west of the Taihang Mountains, in central China, covering 156,000 square kilometers. Most of it is more than 1,000 meters above sea level, with hills covering two-thirds of the province.
The province is rich in minerals with a great variety spread across a wide area. It has 120 known minerals, 62 with proven reserves; 34 of these ranking among the top 10 in the country by reserves. It ranks first in the country in coal, coal bed methane, bauxite, coal clay, laterite, and potassium reserves and has the second...


About Anhui

Anhui Province in southeastern China is situated 29"25"-34"39" north latitude and 114"43"-119"38" east longitude, covering an area of more than 130,000 square kilometers. It is called Wan for short, with Hefei as its capital city.
Anhui abounds in natural resources. It is one of the important agricultural provinces, with products ranging from rice, wheat, cotton, vegetable oil crops, cotton, tea, jute, silkworm cocoons, and roast tobacco, etc. Its main mineral deposits are coal, iron ore, and copper ore. It is also famous for its picturesque mountains and rivers. Huangshan Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain...


About Jiangxi

Jiangxi Province, called Gan for short, lies in the southern bank of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is located at latitude 24°29′-30°04 ′north, longitude 113°34′-118°28′east. It borders Zhejiang and Fujian provinces to the east, Guangdong to the south, Hunan to the west, and Hubei and Anhui to the north.
Mountains surround Jiangxi province on three sides. The southern half of the province is hilly with ranges and valleys interspersed; while the middle and northern half is flatter and lower in altitude....


About Henan

Henan, an agricultural province, in the middle-lower Yellow River valley, is one of the earliest developed regions in the country. Henan has an area of 167,000 sq km and a population of 89.46 million. The provincial capital is Zhengzhou, a big industrial center straddling the intersection of the country's two major trunk lines -- the north-south Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the east-west Longhai Railway that links Port Lianyungang to Lanzhou in Northwest China.
The total value of GDP topped 1.94 trillion RMB in 2009, increasing by 10.7% against last year, ranking the fifth in the whole country...


About Hubei

Hubei Province is located at the central part of the People's Republic of China, with short title of “e”. It is rich in agriculture, forestry and hydropower resources. Agriculture and fishery are well developed in Hubei, with such main products like paddy rice, wheat, ramie, cotton, silk, tea, orange, fish, and vegetable oil, the outputs of which are among the top of the country.
Hubei is one of the important industrial and agricultural bases in China. As to the industry, 8 pillar industries including automobile, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, chemical industry, electric...


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