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15 July 2015

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Bird-loving Week Launched

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Hunan’s Bird-loving Week lasts from April 1 to April 7 each year. On the first day of the 37th Week, the launching ceremony of bird-loving events was held in Changsha. Events including tour exhibitions on loving birds, getting to know birds, and protecting birds; photo contest on protecting birds; action taking over bird hunting; and publicity of law on wildlife protection, will be co-organized by the Hunan Forestry Department and the Central South University of Forestry and Technology.

According to Gui Xiaojie, chief engineer of the Hunan Forestry Department, Hunan has done great efforts on bird protection over the past years. And outstanding achievements have been made:

Since 2013, Hunan has set the work on conservation of wildlife, for instance, migratory birds as an evaluation index of the item of forestry construction in “Hunan Forestry Cup”; mechanism on migratory bird protection has been jointly established by departments of public security, industry and commerce, and transportation, led by the forestry department; provincial and county-level border defense system for migratory bird protection has been set up between Hunan and Jiangxi provinces and in three counties of Xinhua, Xinshao and Longhui of Hunan province; In the whole province, 38 migratory bird protection stations were established, and 24-hour patrol duty carried out.Illegal migratory birds hunting and catching were effectively curbed; this year, the Hunan Forestry Department took the lead in the nation to launch a campaign called “An Action to Help Birds Fly”. Units at all levels and volunteers were organized to protect migratory birds from March 10 till May 10.

Birds are envoys of the blue sky, angels of wetlands, guardians of forests, and important carriers of ecological culture. Taking the opportunity of the Bird-loving Week, Gui calls for more people involving in birds loving and protecting.

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