Ecological Environment Improved in Xiangtan

On June 20, the construction of the main part of Baimuhu Park, Xiangtan has been basically completed.... ...

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Barren Hills Turned into Flower Garden

Villagers planted crops such as sunflowers and Kelsang flowers. A new landscape was formed, rural tourism promoted, and farmers’ income increased.... ...

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Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Conference Kicks off

The Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment Protection Conference was held in Changsha on June 13, 2018. CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary Du Jiahao called for earnestly learning and implementing President Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization. He emphasized that efforts should be made to mobilize all walks of life to fight against pollution treatment and environmental protection, so as to build an ecologically-civilized happy new Hunan in the new era.... ...

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Hengyang Builds More Eco-friendly Parks

In recent years, a number of green ecological parks have been built in the urban area of Hengyang, thus good living conditions have been created for birds. The paradise flycatcher was included in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species in 2012.... ...

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Ecological Environment Improved in Changsha

Since the beginning of this year, Changsha has implemented 193 pollution prevention and control projects to improve the quality of water, air, and soil, and comprehensively promote coordinated prevention and control on air pollution across regions, to ensure the realization of strategic positioning of “putting ecology first while pursuing green development”. ... ...

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Changsha Holds World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day (WED). This year’s national annual event, themed “To Be An Activist for a Beautiful China” was launched at Meixi Grand Theater, Changsha.... ...

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