“Hunan Elements” Shine at the 3rd ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management

On September 13 and 14, the 3rd ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management was held in Budapest, Hungary. Many “Hunan elements” such as the comprehensive improvement of “One Lake and Four Rivers, research results and innovative technologies in the field of sustainable water management along with successful cases in water ecological environment restoration and treatment projects were introduced at the seminar.... ...

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First Changsha Wastewater Treatment Plant Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Almost Completes

On September 9, the photovoltaic power generation project of Changshanyuan Wastewater Treatment Plant, Furong District, Changsha City, has completed main steel structure construction and started solar photovoltaic modules installation. ... ...

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Governor Xu Highlights Pollution Prevention and Control

On the morning of August 16, Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe presided over a provincial conference on pollution prevention and control.... ...

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Intelligent Garbage-sorting Recycling Machine Adopted in Yongzhou City

The recycling system calculates the charges based on garbage weight and categories. And there will be cashback in the users’ APP or WeChat account.... ...

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Comprehensive Environmental Treatment in Nanshan National Park

On August 18, the People's Government of Chengbu County, Hunan Province and the Law Enforcement Detachment of Hunan Nanshan National Park Administration carried out a comprehensive environmental remediation in the Nanshan Scenic Area.... ...

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Guiyang County Enhances Environmental Protection

In recent years, the county has been focusing on ecological environment conservation and construction. ... ...

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