Guiyang County Enhances Environmental Protection

In recent years, the county has been focusing on ecological environment conservation and construction. ... ...

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Garden-like Village Seen in Ningxiang City

In recent years, the city has built 54 city-level beautiful countryside demonstration villages and characteristic villages. Steady progress has been made in rural construction.... ...

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River Treatment Program Benefits Changsha Weshui River

The photo above taken on August 4 shows the Weishui River in Wangcheng District, Changsha joins the Xiangjiang River. The green water and the beautiful surroundings make a picturesque scene. ... ...

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Green Scenic Belt in Yiyang

Since 2016, the city has taken measures to upgrade construction along the Zijiang River Scenic Belt for 12.3 kilometers.... ...

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A Picturesque Natural Scene in Huayuan County

In recent years, the county has taken measures to fully utilize the wetland and wasteland in Zixia Lake. It has developed such special industries as oil-tea camellia, silkworm, grassland and flowers. An attractive ecological scene has thus been presented. ... ...

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Amazing Water Scenery in Huaihua City

On July 22, the Huaihua urban section of the Wushui River is clear and green. And city looks picturesque. In recent years, the city has launched a comprehensive management project on the Wushui River.... ...

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