Picturesque Scenery of Ecological Wetland

The vegetation, roads, and lake add radiance and beauty to each ohter under the blue sky, constituting an amazing picture.... ...

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Mini-program Launched to Boost Public Participation in Water Protection

Lanshan County took the lead in the province in launching a "Protecting Water Resources on Cloud" WeChat mini-program recently. After logging in, the users may gain "water protecting coins" via reporting environmental problems, participating in river patrols, and posting photos of beautiful landscapes. ... ...

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Migrant Birds Overwinter at Hualong Wharf

As the Hualong Wharf area are planted with more trees and the ecological environment has been improved, more and more migrant birds come to inhabit and overwinter here.... ...

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A "Place of Blessing" in Yao Township

Xintian County has vigorously implemented the "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" philosophy and the forest chief system. It carried out ecological protection projects such as closing mountains for afforestation, to create a "place of blessing" that is ecologically friendly and livable.... ...

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Fishpass Set Up to Ensure Eco-friendly Navigation

Hunan Province set up fishpasses as "corridor of life" for fish in the navigation projects. Such fishpasses have been constructed in the Changsha, Zhuzhou, Dayuandu, Tugutang, and Jinweizhou navigation and hydropower projects on the Xiangjiang River trunk line, and are planned or under construction in some other projects.... ...

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Proposal and ConceptionIn 1992, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro adopted Agenda 21, which officially...more >
Building a Two-Oriented Society in Chang-Zhu-Tan City Cluster On December 14th, 2007, National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on Sanctioning Wuhan City Cluster and...more >
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