2018: More Than Seven Billion Yuan Invested in River Governance

The Changsha Working Committee of the River Chief System Office (River managers, titled “River Chiefs”, are responsible for managing waterways) announced on January 6 that Changsha has invested more than 7 billion CNY in the comprehensive governance of lakes and rivers.... ...

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"Black and Odorous" Water Turns Clear

Xiangtan gave first priority to remedying "black and odorous" water bodies, and improving water environment in recent years. As of now, the remediation project for 24 "black and odorous" water bodies in the urban area has been completed.... ...

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2018 Hunan-US Green Building Exchange Kicks off in Changsha

The 2018 Hunan-US Green Building Exchange was held in Changsha on December 4, 2018. The meeting focused on building industry’s progress, green development, and Hunan-US trading advancement. ... ...

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Dongting Lake Water Environmental Quality Keeping Improving

Hunan's "Mother Lake", Dongting Lake’s water environmental quality has been improved. Data shows that the average concentration of total phosphorus in the lake is 0.073 mg per liter in 2017, which is 13% lower than the previous year (0.084 mg per liter). The total phosphorus concentration in five sections of seven main river estuaries shows a downward trend.... ...

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Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Big Data Center in Zixing

In recent years, Zixing utilized the water and hydropower resources of Dongjiang Lake to build an energy-saving and environment-friendly big data industrial park. It occupies a total area of 4,500 mu (300 ha.).... ...

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