Facts of Metro Line 4

The Changsha Metro Line 4 began construction in late 2014, and opens to trial operation on May 26, 2019. It is Changsha’s third subway line, after Line 1 and Line 2. The entire route is 33.5km long, with 25 stations. It connects the east and west banks of the Xiangjiang River, and is an important part of Changsha’s “Union Jack” shaped subway plan.

The first phase of Line 4 stretches from Guanziling to Dujiaping Station. It connects Changsha’s Wangcheng, Yuelu, Tianxin, and Yuhua Districts, and Changsha County.

Each of the 25 stations along the 33.5 km-long course are underground and include13 transfer stations.

The Line 4 North Extension was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in March 2017. It is 14.26 km long and will have eight stations.

Metro Line 4 offers multiple types of tickets at the same pricing and preferential policy with the previous lines.

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Stations and Transfers
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