The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Zhang Chunxian Joins Panel Discussion with Deputies from Xiangtan and Chenzhou Delegation
On the afternoon of January 25, during the third plenary session of the eleventh National People’s Congress of Hunan Province, Secretary of Hunan Provincial CPC Committee Zhang Chunxian, together with Yang Taibo, secretary-general of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee, joined with Deputies from Xiangtan and Chenzhou cities Deputies to discuss the government work reports.

While staying with Xiangtan Deputies, Secretary of Zhang pointed out that Xiangtan, as the hometown of Chairman Mao, should be better developed with a strong sense of political responsibility and urgency, Leaders of the city are expected to conscientiously implement the spirits of the Central Economic Work Meeting and Hunan Provincial Economic Work Meeting so as to make Xiangtan take the lead in realizing the sound and fast development for the rise of Central China.

While discussing with Chenzhou Deputies, Mr. Zhang stated that in the past year Chenzhou City has made great achievements in its economic and social developments. In 2010, Chenzhou is supposed to make more progress by summarizing its experience, thus forming a better platform to deeply carry out the "One Industrialization and Three Basics" strategy (New-type Industrialization and strengthening the infrastructural construction, economic fundamentals and basic work) and actively take up transfer of industries while accelerating its new-type urbanization. More efforts should be made to build Chenzhou into a regionally central city and to further promote the coordinated development of regional economies.

Translator: Qiu Zhuanzhuan