The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Situations faced in and Main Ttargets Set for 2010
2010 is the last year of the eleventh Five-Year Plan and also a crucial year for positively coping with the global financial crisis in the extremely complicated situation. In general, the environment for economic development of 2010 is expected to be more favored than that of the previous year. The world's main economies see recovery signs, and internationally, the global economy will hopefully turn around. However, the economic policy adjustment of different countries varies in progress paces and the trade and investment protectionism expand to some extent, which make the overall recovery a complicated and slow process. We will possibly encounter unpredictable impacts of the external market, and moreover, the domestic foundation for economic recovery is yet to be consolidated. The global financial crisis makes it clear that the world's economic growth pattern is imperative to be adjusted. The global economic development has entered an era of innovation intensiveness and industrial structure adjustment which will act as an influential test that impacts Hunan's future development profoundly and lastingly. At the same time, we are facing unprecedented opportunities. The central government continues to carry out proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy, and unveils policies for further energizing the central region, which provides solid supports for Hunan to realize a sound and rapid development; all the Hunan people should be of one heart and make joint efforts confidently to strive for new development and create new achievements; the construction of the large-scale infrastructure and basic industrial projects on a high starting point and with strong impetus greatly improves the development condition of Hunan Province and lays consolidated foundations for enriching the people and strengthening the province. We should scheme the economic and social development of this year confronting new situations and standing on higher starting points.

The guideline of the government work of this year is to comprehensively implement the spirit of the Seventeenth CPC National Congress, the third and forth plenary sessions of the Seventeenth Central Committee, and the Central Economic Work Conference, to follow the guidance of the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the thought of "Three Represents", to thoroughly carry out the scientific outlook on development, to persistently boost the "One Industrialization and Three Basics" Strategy so as to promote the construction of a strong province in economy, culture and education. Efforts shall be especially concentrated on enhancing the quality and effectiveness of economic growth, boosting economic structure adjustment and development pattern transformation, accelerating reform and opening-up and independent innovation, improving people's livelihood and maintaining social stability, transforming government functions and advancing administration by law, so as to achieve a sound and rapid development of economy and society. The overall requirements are: transforming development patterns, adjusting economic structure, accelerating reforming, consolidating foundation, and improving people's livelihood. The main targets of 2010 are set up to increase GDP by over 10%; to achieve over 12% rise of the financial revenue; to make over 25 % growth of the total fixed asset investment of the province; to swell the total volume of retail sales of consumption goods by more than 15%; to maintain a steady increase of foreign trade and import & export; to confine the rise of consumer prices to around 3%; to realize a 8% rise of the per-capita disposable income of city dwellers and 7% of the per-capita net income of rural residents; to create 600 thousand jobs in urban areas, and confine the registered unemployment rate in urban areas within 4.5%; to control the natural population growth rate being no more than 7.3 ‰; to guarantee the accomplishment of the energy saving and emission reduction target during the 11th Five-Year Plan. With a view to accomplishing the above targets, we shall persistently comply with the periodic characteristics of the development of the whole province to ensure a steady and relatively rapid development of economy and strive to transform development patterns; to insist on consolidating development foundation and enhancing the capacity for sustainable development; to persist on integrating speed, quality and efficiency to boost development on the basis of structure optimization, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement; to keep on expanding effective investments and upgrading consumption structure, so as to propel the coordinated combination of investment, consumption and export to boost economic growth; to persist on improving people's livelihood and accelerating the construction of a harmonious society.