The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Continuously Increasing Domestic Demand

Investment shall be guided reasonably and the investment structure optimized. We should persistently expand effective investment and strive to complete an investment of 940 billion yuan this year. The capital investment within the government budget should incline to such fields as agriculture, farmers and rural areas, science and technology, education, public hygiene, culture, social security, welfare housing, energy saving and environmental protection, independent innovation, technological transformation, etc. as well as to underdevelopment regions and areas. Efforts should be exerted to the construction in relatively weak fields. Budget should be used for continued projects and rounding-off work of projects, so as to complete construction and yield returns as soon as possible. We should keep expanding capital sources through multiple channels, perfect and thoroughly implement related policies to encourage non-governmental investment. In terms of the industrial development, emphasis shall be placed on the adjustment and revitalization of key industries and strategic investment in new industries, so as to boost the technological transformation of the competitive industrial parks and key enterprises as well as important projects of high-tech industries. We should focus on promoting such competitive industrial projects as the production line extension of Zoomlion Heavy Industry, the motor grader and supporting parks of Sany, Fiat cars of Guangzhou Automobile Group, BYD auto, Beijing Hyundai Motor Company Ltd., Valin automobile sheet and electric steel, technological transformation of China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd., Yueyang's oil refining and petrochemical integration, etc., as well as the new industrial projects such as Changsha CEC Software Park, the high-performance titanium slab band project of Hunan-Invested Jintian Titanium Co., Ltd., and Hunan Copower EV Battery. The infrastructure construction in transportation, energy, water conservancy, urban construction and information facilities shall be promoted. In terms of transportation, the continued projects of 38 expressways shall be accelerated to ensure the Changzhu, Hengshao and Tanhengxi expressways to be completed and open to traffic as well as the Yilouheng Expressway construction to be launched; the railway project of Hengchaji, Xianggui double track, Hangchang passenger transport and Shichang double track shall be sped up, and the Changkun passenger transport, Qianzhangchang, Huaishaoheng, Jingyue railways shall start with construction; the rebuilding of the state and provincial trunk lines will be boosted; and the preliminary work for the Longshan-Jishou section of the Baomao Expressway should be paid close attention to. In terms of energy, we should continue to enhance the electric grid construction and reconstruction, conduct pilot construction of intelligent electric grid, highlight the construction of the 3rd Stage Project of Huaneng Yueyang Power Plant, Baoqing Power Plant and Zhuzhou's coal-electricity integration, accelerate the construction of such new energy projects as Yiyang Taohuajiang nuclear power and Nanshan wind power, and complete the construction of Tongwan and 4 other large and medium-sized hydropower stations. In terms of urban construction, emphasis should be laid on the construction of the urban arterials and express ring roads in all cities and prefectures as well as the improvement of the urban public facilities. In terms of information industry, we should focus on the construction of the supercomputer center, digital TV transition and telecommunication facilities, and boost the e-government application project. In terms of agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, stress should be put on the oil-tea camellia industry base, comprehensive treatment of the Dongting Lake, extension of the Centianhe reservoir, risk removal and reinforcement of the 259 dangerous reservoirs, and the flood embankment construction in the coastal cities along the four main rivers in Hunan Province (i.e., the Xiangjiang River, the Zijiang River, the Yuanjiang River and the Lishui River) as well as 35 cities and counties in hilly regions. The construction of forest parks and scenic resorts shall be strengthened and efforts should be persistently made in conversion of farmland to forests. As for the projects concerning people's livelihood, with education, public health, culture, comfortable housing and public security as the key areas, every effort shall be made to boost the public and grass-root systems on medical services and health care, broadcasting and TV access for each village, safe drinking water program; the investment in ordinary commercial housing, affordable housing and low rent housing shall be enhanced. Efforts should be made to improve the promoting and coordination system of key projects, so as to guarantee the progress and quality of the projects. A series of important projects with strong driving effects, broad radiation scopes and great potentials for further development should be schemed, reserved and developed beforehand in compliance with the twelfth Five-Year Plan. Investment in the industries with excess capacity should be firmly held down and luxurious office buildings shall be limited strictly. Due attention should be paid to the inspection of the projects of government investment especially those of the Central Government investment to avoid "incomplete project", jerry-built project and unpractical "achievement project" that harass people and waste money, so as to ensure the effective use of funds.

We shall strive to strengthen the consumption capacity and optimize consumption structure to enhance the stimulation of consumption to economic development. The proportion of urban and rural residents' income in the national income should be increased. Measures and policies should be thoroughly implemented to improve the income level of the urban and rural residents especially the medium and low-income people, so as to realize a basic balance between the growth rate of the urban and rural residents' income and the per capita GDP; solid work should be done to budgeting of social insurance funds on basic old-age insurance system for enterprise employees, unemployment insurance, basic medical insurance for urban employees, insurance for work-related injuries and maternity insurance; performance-related pay policy should be put into effect in the compulsory education schools and the institutions for public health and grass-root medical services; work should be done to upgrade the level of basic living allowances and assistances in both urban and rural areas, moderately raise the minimum wage standard, increase basic pension for enterprise retirees and the special allowances and assistances to entitled groups, and strengthen social relief, so as to benefit the low-income families practically; healthy consumption culture shall be advocated to guide the renewal of consumption concept and promote the consumption credit. Active efforts should be made to develop the consumer market in rural areas. We should further promote the work of household appliances and automobiles and motorcycles going to the countryside, and persistently carry out the "old for new" policy for household appliances and automobiles; increase the subsidy for agricultural machinery purchase and expand the trial varieties and scope of the "Benefiting the People with Energy Saving Products Project"; enhance the construction of the commodity market and after service system in the countryside, and continue to implement the "Market Project of Thousands of Villages and Townships" and the "Two Hundred Markets Project", and strengthen the construction of modern circulation service network of new countryside, so as to promote the postal services and logistics in the countryside especially the farmhouse chain stores and distribution centers. A healthy housing consumption should be developed. We should stabilize and promote housing consumption, enhance the supports for the reconstruction of shantytowns in urban areas, shantytowns in industrial and mining areas, state-owned forest farms and the dilapidated houses, and increase the supply of the medium and low-price housing as well as the commercial housing with price ceilings. Continued efforts should be made to optimize the consumption environment. We should rectify and regulate the market order, strengthen market inspection, intensify consumer rights protection, strictly crack down on fake and inferior goods, fraud on the market, and market-dominating behaviors, thoroughly carry out supervision and inspection of the charges in the fields of agriculture, enterprise, energy, transportation, education and medical care, comprehensively clamp down the monopolistic operations and service charges concerning people's livelihood, and intensify the management of administration charges. New consumption hotspots should be fostered constantly. We shall properly guide and boost automobile consumption with the strength focusing on developing such chain services of automobile as auto sales, rental, maintenance, decoration, etc.; build up "RMB 100 Billion Project" of the Xiang (Hunan) cuisine, and promote catering consumption; actively enhance the new cultural consumption in the fields of internet, comic and animation, and exhibition; strive to develop e-commerce, popularize the mature operation mode of e-commerce and foster online retailing enterprises; boost China Mobile E-Commerce, and give supports to China Telecom and China Unicom for developing e-commerce in various forms. Efforts should be made to promote and upgrade the industry of cultural tourism. We should practice the strategy of choice tours to boost the conversion of tourism products to the integration of sightseeing and recreation, to facilitate the transformation of tourism industry to focus on both scale and quality, and the transition of tourism brands to become international tourist destinations; we should support to construct Zhangjiajie into the World Travel Boutique and help Langhsang of Shaoyang apply for the world natural heritage, strengthen comprehensive regulations in scenic areas and the integrative construction of tourism industry, and endeavor to exploit the recreation tourism in suburbs and countrysides.

Every effort should be made to develop modern service industry and upgrade the development level of service industry. We shall thoroughly implement the policies and measures of promoting the development of service industry, endeavor to expand and strengthen the productive service industries such as modern logistics, finance, information, science & technology, business and service outsourcing, and boost the integration and interactive development of modern service industry and manufacturing industry. Due emphasis should be laid on the construction of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan pilot base of service outsourcing to improve the supporting service systems for the production of industrial parks, industry clusters and key enterprises as well as the promotion and application system for important agricultural technologies. The internet of things should be promoted vigorously to comprehensively boost the construction of modern regional logistic centers, accelerate the reconstruction and upgrade the commercial circulation, support the development of large-scale commercial groups, improve the distribution of commercial network, and perfect service functions. With the city planning and industrial parks as the foundations, the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster as the orientation, and the "3 +5" city cluster as the radiation area, stress should be placed on such concentration areas of modern service industry as Hunan Industrial Park of Cultural Innovation and Changsha Software Park, so as to enhance the concentrative effect and develop the modern service industry characterized by scale, brand and network management. Efforts should be devoted to developing the services concerning people's livelihood such as municipal public utilities, social security and recreation, and improving the service system in terms of community employment, community hygiene, family planning, cares for the aged and children, and housekeeping services.