The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Giving Prominence to the Transformation of Development Mode
Speed up upgrading and optimization of traditional industries. Seize the opportunities to quicken the transfer of international and coastal industries and to redistribute resources, intensify efforts to carry on the "9+3" industrial adjustment and the revitalization plan, encourage dominant capital, strategic resources and productive factors to further aggregate in competitive industries, push forward the structural adjustment and construct a modern industrial system with stronger comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development ability as quick as possible. Put forth effort on the integration of informationalization and industrialization, accelerate the adoption of advanced applicable technologies, facilities, crafts and hi-techs, promote to upgrade and update traditional industries, focus on supporting machinery, nonferrous metals, petrochemistry, foods and other industries with over 100 billion yuan assets to improve processing level and product added value, urge engineering machinery, quality steel, non-ferrous metal materials, metallurgical products, building materials and textile products to scale up, enhance brands and increase benefits. Actively promote the industrial integration, support Valin, Minmetals, Zoomlion, Sany, Baisha, Hunan Tobacco and other competitive industries with capital, techniques and resources to speed up merger and restructuring, expand and reinforce core business, and strengthen competiveness. Intensify efforts to explore mineral resources, enhance resources sustainability. Strictly restrict the irrational expansion of high energy consuming and high emission industries and continue the elimination of under-developed industries with low production capacity such as cement industry and papermaking industry.

Vigorously cultivate and develop strategic new industries. Aiming at overseas and domestic hi-tech industrial development frontiers, select key industries among new energy resources, new materials, bio-medical, electronic information, new energy vehicles and aerospace as cardinal points and make them dominant forces in the industrial development of the province. Based on industrial fundament and technical support, greatly promote the development of new energy industries with focus on nuclear energy and renewable energy resources, improve the manufacturing capacity of energy equipment for solar energy PV industry, wind, electricity and other resources, construct a complete industry chain ranging from raw materials and components to complete units, and build up industrial clusters with assorted equipments and materials. Assist the development of new materials such as carbon-carbon composites, and expand and strengthen the industry as soon as possible. Actively push forward the rapid development of bio-medical industry, focus on the cultivations of modern Chinese medicine, new drugs and bio-medical engineering, and concentrate on assisting the base construction for key bio-medical industrialized projects. Vigorously develop information technology industry, actively support enterprises to strengthen the application of information technology, fasten the development of cyber-economy, foster information industries such as software development, consumer complete appliance, new types of display devices and digital animation, and create an e-commerce industrial cluster with core competitiveness. Promote the R&D and production capacity of electric vehicles. Strengthen the support for environmental protection, actively develop the manufacturing industry of environmental protection equipment, comprehensive resource utilization industry, cleaning product manufacturing and environment services industry, and assist and develop a batch of key enterprises in environmental protection. Greatly develop dual-use competitive industries like nuclear power, aerospace, explosive materials, fine chemical industry and shipping, concentrate on the cultivation of the 10 dual-use integrated industrial bases such as Changsha Aviation Industrial Park, Zhuzhou Aviation Industrial Park and Yiyang Light Special Equipment Industrial Park.

Take the industrial parks as platforms; insist on pushing forward the development of industrial clusters. According to the principles of centralized layout, industrial agglomeration, land consolidation and ecology, highlight the construction of comprehensive hi-tech industrial bases and parks at state level in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan "3+5" City Cluster, actively support the Changsha Hi-tech Zone's stepping into the national top ten hi-tech zones, develop and upgrade Changsha Economic and Technical Development Zone, Liuyang Bio-medical Park, Zhuzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Xiangtan Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, support the constructions of Chenglingji Port Industrial Zone in Yueyang City and Lanningdao Processing Trade Corridor in Yongzhou. Depending on zones and parks, efforts should be made to promote industrial agglomeration and project clusters to cultivate a batch of key projects with promising prospects, high technology, huge industry-driven effect and high anti-risk capability, and create important industrial cluster bases with national far-reaching influences. Major support should be given to Changsha engineering machinery to make it an industrial cluster with over 100 billion yuan assets. We also should support competitive industries to accelerate development such as petrochemical works in Yueyang, electronic information and new materials in Changsha, lamination, silicon steel and auto sheet in Loudi, electromotive and railway vehicles in Zhuzhou, wide thick plates, CECT's 48 solar power stations, Xiangtan's Electric Wind Power Station in Xiangtan, and TEBIAN Electric Apparatus in Hengyang. All-out support should be given to Xiangtan Jiuhua Taiwanese Industrial Park to be listed among state-level Taiwanese investment zones. For zones and parks at different levels of development, we should implement differentiated policies on project approval, land arrangements, industry support and other aspects, give special support to the leading enterprises in the zones and parks which can drive the formation of industrial agglomeration, and back up the assorted projects which can extend the industry chain and increase added value.

We should put forth effort to promote independent innovation. Persist on focusing on the most potential industries, select key areas with advantages and foundations, highlight original innovations of core technologies, intensively implement a batch of key scientific and technological projects, make great efforts to breakthrough a batch of general and key industrial technologies, and develop high-end products with independent intellectual property rights. Persistently depend on colleges, universities and key research institutions, strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation system, and focus on the construction of enterprise technology centers, research centers of engineering technologies, national key laboratories, national engineering laboratories and national laboratories. Support to set up engineering laboratories on national rail electric traction, upgrade the technological leading capacity, and build a top ranked domestic rail transit equipment base with international competitiveness. Vigorously build a platform for transforming scientific and technological achievements into actual productivity, focus on strengthening the enterprises' role in independent innovation, push forward the formation of a industry-university-research institute cooperation system with dominant enterprises as the principal part and with a close collaboration with research institutions, colleges and universities, and construct industrial and technological cooperation and innovative alliances. Assistance should be given to Changsha to carry on the construction of a national innovative pilot city. Further increase the ratio of R&D expenditures in total output value, promote the scientific and technological input to favor enterprises, and support qualified enterprises to implement major scientific and technological special programs, industry-university-research institute special programs and key sci-tech projects. In terms of taxation, finance and government procurement, policies on supporting independent innovation should be improved, intermediaries such as technological market and risk investment vigorously fostered, and supporting conditions for sci-tech innovation continuously strengthened. Thoroughly implement the strategy of strengthening the province through talent cultivation, accelerate the cultivation and introduction of a team with hi-tech and innovative talents and knowledgeable enterprises, and build Hunan into a land with talents coming forward in large numbers and a gathering place for talents, as well as a place for start-ups.

It is quite essential to vigorously push forward energy saving and emission reduction. Completely fulfill the three-year action plan of urban sewage treatment facilities construction, realize the "full coverage" of sewage treatment facilities over cities and county seats; speed up the construction of waste treatment facilities and build 60 household garbage non-hazardous treatment sites. Quicken the construction of energy saving projects; effectively promote key energy saving projects such as the modification of coal-fired boilers, utilization of excess heat and pressure and building energy conservation, etc. Deeply carry out the project of "Hundreds Enterprises Taking Energy Saving Action", vigorously promote the extension of energy conservation in such fields as construction, transportation, business and civil affairs, and introduce the utilization of highly efficient energy saving techniques and products such as solar energy. Further improve the 6 recycling economy pilot projects at the state level and the pilot projects of 17 enterprises and 7 parks within the province, push forward the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and solid wastes as well as the recycling utilization of renewable resources and water resources, advance the comprehensive treatment and utilization of mine gas, strictly manage water resources, and fully carry out clean production. Establish, optimize and promote the price and compensation mechanisms for energy saving and emission reduction, practice trapezia prices for residents' consumption of electricity and water, properly raise the charging standards for sewage discharge and sewage and garbage treatment, and practice the pilot projects of pollution discharge right trade for main pollutants. Explore and perfect the policies and measures on the development of low-carbon economy, promote lifestyles and consumption patterns in favor of energy saving and environmental protection, and encourage the use of environment-friendly products.

It's important to strive to develop modern agriculture. Based on the advancements in agricultural science and technology, we should quicken the construction of a modern, efficient, green, ecological and safe agricultural industry system. Improve the geographical distribution of modern agriculture, deeply push forward the restructuring of agricultural industry, strive to develop characteristic agriculture, ecological agriculture, leisure agriculture, urban agriculture and extravert agriculture, intensively develop advantageous and inadequate agricultural products, and upgrade the production capacity of bulk agricultural products. Efforts should be strengthened to promote the upgrade of traditional agriculture, carry out plans on first-rate seeding, processing, brand promotion, quality and safety of agricultural products, propel the industrial upgrades of modern agriculture, and increase the coverage rate, the processing and conversion rate and the market share of fine breeds of agricultural products. Further accelerate the construction of modern tobacco agriculture. Strive to develop modern breeding, improve standard breeding, ensure the stable development of pig industry, push forward the healthy development of herbivores and aquatic products, and quicken the economic development of ecological fishery in the Dongting Lake region. Give full play to the leading enterprises in the process of modern agriculture construction, and support and strengthen a batch of leading corporations of agriculture industrialization such as Tangrenshen, Xike and Hunan Tea. Conscientiously practice all related policies, and support and develop all kinds of rural cooperative economic organizations and specialized farmers cooperatives. Accelerate the improvement of modern agricultural facility conditions with particular focus on water resources, and prominently manage the construction of small-scale irrigation and water conservancy in key counties, large and medium-scale irrigation assorted improvements and the silt-removing and expansion of major pools in mountain areas. Speed up the development of modern agriculture service industry, especially support the construction of public service system on agricultural technology promotion in towns, animal and plant epidemics prevention and control, and agricultural products quality supervision and management, etc.