The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Acceleratinge the Development of Modern Agriculture
Stabilize the development of grain production. Continue and strengthen the practice of farmland protection especially the basic farmland protection policy, speed up the implementation of "fertile soil project", increase the input in the transformation of basic farm especially the low-yielding farmlandfields, focus on the management of the thousands of hectares ofmu (1 hectare = 15 mu) farmland in Dongting Lake area and on the development and construction of plantation reserve resourcescultivated land reserves in Centian River area. Further optimize the structure of grain production, strive to develop quality grain rice and super rice, and work hard to achieve a superior crop coverage rate of 95%, a quality grain coverage taking more than 60% of paddy areas and super rice areas totaling more than 13 million hectares mu (86,6667 hectares). Vigorously push forward the constructions of large-scale commodity grain base, quality grain industry project and fertility project, carry output the production capacity plan of output increase reaching 4.6 billion kilograms into effect, promote the grain bases construction in 52 counties implementing the grain production capacity improvement projects, and stablestabilzestabilize the total output of grains at around 30 billion kilograms. Conscientiously practice all policies set up and measures taken on supporting the grain production, firmly carry out the policy of the crop's lowest minimum purchase price of grains, and improve the mechanism of grain subsidies mechanism. Set upCultivate and develop large grain distribution enterprises, and encourage big farming households and grain processing enterprises to expand the operation scale. Establish the purchasing and storage system of major agricultural products.

Continue the improvement of new rural construction. Focus on the strengthening of the facilityinfrastructure construction, reconstruction and maintenance such as water, electricity, road, gas and communications in rural areas. The construction of rural roads extending 14,000 km will be completed this yearthe roads constructed in rural areas this year have totalled 14,000 kilometres. Keep on the reconstruction of small hydro power stations and the upgrading of power grids in rural areas and vigorously promote clean energies such as methane and solar power. Deeply conductpractice the rural ecological environment treatments and patriotic sanitation campaign, and energeticallyforcefully implement rural cleaning projects and the non-point pollution treatment in rural areas. Put great efforts into carrying out forest planting, and strengthen the conservation of forest resources conservation. Launch reconstruction pilot projects of reconstruction of rural dilapidated buildings in rural areas, and actively implement the "Rural hHousing Pproject for low-income rural residents". Completely finish the task of constructingconstruction of safe drinking water safety for 3 million rural residents. Continuously emphasizeexert efforts to carry out demonstration projects for the new countryside construction pilot projects. Encourage and support private enterprises to take part in the construction of new countryside. Adhere to the requirements of balanced developments in urban and rural areas, and push forward the constructions of modern agricultural demonstration countiesy and the urban and rural integration demonstration countiesy.

Endeavour to increase farmers' income. Focus on the ensuring the increase of farmers' income, fully practice all the policies on strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmersfavouring farmers, efficientlyeffectively integrate all kinds of agricultural capital, set up a stable financial mechanism for the increase of financial input to agricultureto support the improvement of farmers' income, and positively increase the investment in solving the three agricultural problems ("agriculture, rural areas, and farmers and village"). ImproveEnhance the trainings of practical techniques and vocational skills for farmers, strengthen farmers' transferring employability, organize training projects for 500,000 farmers rural migrant workers, and increase labor transfer of 1 milliontransfe. Further optimize the startupentrepreneurial environment for returning farmers migrant workers, encourage and introduceguide those farmers with certain capital accumulation and skills to independently set up various entities, and realize the transformation from labor service to business start-up. Adopt a financial award and subsidy policy on each specific project relating to praise and compensate public good in countries public welfare cause at village level, and widen the scope step by step, and to truly benefit farmers. Practically guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of farmers.