The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Pushing Forward the Construction of Pilot Areas and Regional Coordinated Development
Speed up the reform and construction of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan pilot area. Concentrate on strengthening the radiometric and driving force of the core growth pole of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster, persist on pioneering in cultivating reform and innovation advantages, and strive to achieve new breakthrough in key fields and crucial sections of constructing "Two-oriented" Society system and mechanism framework. Highlight the construction of system and mechanism, fully push forward the comprehensive reform, emphasize the conservation of water, land, energy and materials, innovate resource saving mechanism; with emphasis laid on the treatment of environmental pollution, we should build a mechanism on eco-environmental protection; focus on structuring a unified market for land construction in both urban and rural areas, and innovate land management system; with the establishment of equalized transfer payment of public finance as a key, it's necessary to explore and improve the fiscal and tax system; with the aim to build regional financial centers, the investment and financing mechanism should be innovated; concentrate on exploring new management mode for the city cluster, and push ahead the reform and innovation of public administration system and mechanism; aiming to effectively integrate various resources, the international and domestic cooperation on the construction of "Two-oriented" Society should be reinforced. Give great impetus to infrastructure construction, emphasize the improvement of the modern transportation network in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster, accelerate the construction of intercity arterial road network with seven vertical and seven horizontal artery roads and the intercity rail across the "3+5" city cluster, as well as railways and ports, speed up the upgrading and reconstruction of Huanghua International Airport, quicken the navigational channel dredging, and promote the constructions of "five harbors & one hub" such as the Xiangjiang River integrated hub; take the lead in promoting the integration of such 3 networks as telecommunication, internet, and TV & radio; put great efforts into the comprehensive treatment of the Xiangjiang River, ensure the full completion of the World Bank's loan project for the flood prevention and scenic road construction of the Xiangjiang River, and attach great importance to the treatment of heavy metal pollution treatment and watershed pollution, urban cleaning and ecological projects in the Xiangjiang River basin. Speed up the construction of "two-oriented" industrial system, and intensively carry out a batch of key industrial projects in such fields as engineering machinery, electric vehicles, rail engineering, solar batteries, wind power, energy saving and environmental protection. Strive to promote the construction of hi-tech bases, build industrial functional zones such as the Meixi Lake Hi-tech Zone and the Yuelu Mountain College Town, vigorously establish a service platform for the R&D and the promotion of "two-oriented" specialized public technology, motivate the clustering development of hi-tech industries such as biomedical, new materials, new energy equipment and software, and turn the pilot zone into a place for accumulating and fostering advanced technologies. Vigorously develop service industries in the fields of modern logistics, cultural and creative industries, financial insurance, information consultation, and conferences and exhibitions, and emphasize the planning and construction of a batch of logistics parks at the provincial level such as Changsha Konggang Logistics Park, Zhuzhou Shifeng Logistics Park, Xiangtan Jiuhua Logistics Park and Yueyang Chenglinji Logistics Park. Strive to establish a regional consumption center with the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster as its core. Promote the construction of demonstration districts with a high starting point and bold innovations to achieve breakthrough.

We will vigorously promote the process of urbanization. Active efforts will be made to advance the cultivation and development of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster with particular focus on the expansion and extension of the pilot area of the city cluster. Special report will be given to develop a batch of county-level cities with great development potential and superior location into medium-sized cities and regional center cities. Taking the "3+5" city cluster as the core, the center cities of other cities and prefecture as the key groups, and relying on county seats and center towns, we will keep improving the urban development pattern featured with distinctive characteristics and complementary advantages. We will persistently focus on accelerating the development of small and medium-sized cities, the expansion and improvement of county seats, and the development of border center towns. Scientific and integrated plan will be made on the development of county seats and small towns across the whole province. With innovative thoughts on urban development, we endeavor to improve intensive utilization of land in cities and towns, to raise the construction level of infrastructure, commercial and residential areas and industrial districts, to perfect the urban administration, and to enhance the public services in cities. We will actively explore how to advance city construction with BT and BOT patterns. Great attention will be attached to increasing the urban and rural employment so as to drive regional development. Measures in line with local situations will be adopted to develop the urban industries, in a bid to form the urban industrial pattern featured by intensive utilization of resources, complementation of development strengths, and evidence of driving effect. In addition, we will strive to improve and implement the policies and measures on migrant worker settlement in cities and towns, to make overall plan to guide agricultural population to work and settle down in cities and towns. Encouragement will be given to rural workers with stable occupations and incomes as well as their children to switch into urban resident accounts, and to get integrated into the social public service system of cities or towns.

We will redouble the efforts to enhance the coordination of regional development. Reinforcement will be put on its planning and guidance so as to form a regional economic development pattern with individual characteristics, clarified responsibilities, close connection, and complementary development. Backed up by the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, we will forcefully push forward the construction of Chenglingji new port-neighboring industrial zone, and forge it into an important base linking the Yangtze River Delta, deepening the cooperation with eastern coastal provinces and cities, and strengthening the economic and trade exchanges with the hinterland of central China. Vigorous efforts will be invested into boosting the close integration of exploiting the western Hunan and expanding its market, and continuously taking the West Hunan Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture as Hunan's major battlefield for poverty-relief program. We will invest great efforts into the rounding-off work of industrial projects planning at the provincial level, and launch the planning of the third-round projects construction concerning the great exploitation of west Hunan. We will continuously implement the special planning of reforesting formerly cultivated farmland, increase the strengths of poverty alleviation and welfare-to-work, and accelerate the construction of regional business, trade and logistics centers in the cities oriented to west Hunan, such as Huaihua. By supporting the innovative and opening cooperative pattern, we will endeavor to push forward the opening and exploration of the three cities in south Hunan, namely, Hengyang, Chenzhou and Yongzhou, in a bid to achieve the higher-level integration with Guangdong Province and Hong Kong in economy. In addition, we will further perfect and implement the supporting policies so as to help poverty-stricken areas within the province solve difficulties in financing and quicken the development steps in the former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by ethnic groups, remote and border areas, poverty-stricken areas and reservoir areas.

We will promote the acceleration of economic development in counties. We will persistently take the county economy as the focus on balancing the urban and rural development, forcefully advance the innovation of systems, and continue with streamlining administration and instituting decentralization, in bid to speed up the building of the market-oriented and enterprise-centered county economic development mechanism goaled at serving the "Three-Agricultural" problems. We will persist on cultivating and highlighting the features, choose the industries and projects suit for the economic development of counties, and orient toward the "specialized, refined, featured, and innovative" development way. Great efforts shall be exerted to develop brand economy and cultivate pillar industries with characteristics of local counties. We will adhere to the industrial agglomeration development, forcefully develop the economy of industrial parks, and foster county industry plate, in a bid to lead to the formation of a batch of regional economic sub-centers.