The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

To Enhancinge the Construction of Democracy, the Rule of Law and the Social Construction of Ideological Infrastructure
Further promote the rule of the province by law. Earnestly implement the resolutions and decisions of the people's congress and its standing committee and report the work to them based on the law, and consciously accept their supervision. The government should take the initiative to support the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to implement the functions of political consultation, democratic supervision, participation and involvement in politics. The government should carefully handle the proposals and suggestions from the representatives and members of the CPPCC. Earnestly carry out the invitation for the democratic parties, federation of industry and commerce and personnel without party affiliation to attend important internal and foreign activities and contacts with counterparts, and actively listen to their views and suggestions. The mass organizations work concerning the labour union, Communist Youth League and Women's Federation, and the work on ethnicity, religion and affairs concerning Chinese nationals living abroad will be enhanced so as to promote the harmonious development. We shall strengthen the participation and involvement of councils in political affairs, and fully bring into play the roles of academicians and experts in consulting and research institutions, the public hearings and the Internet poll in decision-making. According to the coordination principles of policy-making, implementation and supervision, establish and improve responsibility system of administrative enforcement, publicity system, fault accountability system, the supervision system of law enforcement and the examination mechanism of administration by law. Actively promote the construction of democratic politics, improve the democratic system, enrich the forms of democracy, broaden democratic channels, and develop grassroots democracy. The scope and content of the publicity of government affairs, village affairs, and factory affairs will be expanded to ensure the people have more rights to know. In-depth legal publicity and education will be carried out to enhance people's awareness of ruling by law. The responsibility system of maintaining stability and the accountability system will be strictly implemented, while the accountability efforts will be intensified, and the responsibility to maintain stability is to be earnestly implemented as the first responsibility. The settlement of social conflicts will be further boosted, and the problems the masses reflect will be promptly and properly handled and a sound risk assessment mechanism for social stability is to be established and improved. Strengthen and improve the work of handling letters and visits, actively prevent and properly handle mass disturbances; enhance public safety, emergency management and disaster prevention systems to improve the overall emergency response capabilities. The social management innovation is to be further propelled,propelled the services to and management of floating population will be improved and strengthened, while the management of social idle members and persons of terminated rehabilitation will be enhanced as well. Intensify the management of social organizations, non-governmental organizations and religious organizations, further promote the campaigns to ensure public security, strengthen the grass-roots work, perfect the prevention and control system of social security, strengthen the comprehensive management of social order, and crack down on various criminal activities. Strengthen the standardization and the level of law enforcement. Effectively strengthen the safety supervision and strictly practice the main responsibilities, give prominence to the safety improvement of such fields as mining, building construction, fireworks and crackers, dangerous chemicals, transportation and fire control as well as other key areas, promote socialized management of roads and fire safety, effectively prevent and firmly curb the extraordinarily serious accidents. It is a must to firmly establish a sense of national security, resolutely carry out the campaigns of anti-separatism, anti-terrorism, infiltration struggle and anti-subversion, and earnestly safeguard the national security interests.

Vigorously push forward the construction of spiritual civilization. Reinforce the construction of socialist core value system, continuously adopt the latest achievements of Marxism's Chinalization to equip our minds, accumulate strengths through the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, inspire people's fighting spirit with national spirit and time spirit, lead the prevailing custom with socialist definitions of honour and shame, and consolidate the common foundation of thought for the unity and struggle of the people in the province. Advocate moral norms such as patriotism, dedication, honesty and friendliness, carry out the education on social morality, professional ethics and family virtues, strengthen the construction of ideological and ethical education for minors, and build good social trend for the promotion of honour-and-shame awareness, uprightness and harmony. Strengthen the construction of "Honesty Hunan", "honesty society" and "honesty government", and enhance the awareness of honesty in the whole society. Highlight the connotation of ideological education, focus on enhancing the social responsibilities of citizens, enterprises and organizations, and broadly carry out various activities to promote popular participation in building spiritual civilization. Keep carrying on activities such as the "delivery of service, techniques, products, culture and public welfare to country", the "delivery of science education, culture and sports, legal system and sanitation to communities", the people beneficial performances and the appreciation of refined arts, vigorously develop public cultural activities in communities, squares, enterprises, organizations, campuses and festival celebrations, and persistently satisfy people's spiritual and cultural needs at different levels. Protect ancient cities and stockaded villages, improve the construction and management of communities, and strive to build harmonious communities and better homes. Enhance the construction and management of Internet culture. Promote scientific spirits and popularize scientific knowledge. Develop and prosper philosophies and social sciences. Put great efforts into the construction of a learning-based Hunan and into the improvement of the quality of the population.

Support the construction of modern national defence. Positively support the organization of the People's Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force stationed in Hunan, strengthen the national defence education, the mobilization of national defence, the paramilitary militia and air-defence work. Conscientiously implement the policies of giving preferential treatment to the servicemen and their families; properly deal with the emplacement work for demobilized army cadres, demobilized servicemen and their accompanying dependents in various ways such as emplacement policies, self-employment, and start-up. Deeply Carry out the "Double Support" (i.e., the government and the people should support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs, and the army should support the government and cherish the people) activities so as to consolidate and develop the solidarity between the army and the government and between the army and the people.