The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Attaching Great Importance to the Improvement of People's Livelihood and Furthering Social Construction
Persistently perform actual deeds for the people,Always and always keep in mind that rememberr to safeguard and improve people's livelihood iswhich is theour greatest responsibility.

This year we will focus on these areas such as social security, legal aid, poverty alleviation , immigration, health care, drinking water and environmental protection.

We will continue to perform actual deeds and solve problem for the people, to improve the working mechanism, to implementation the protection measures, to make a strictly check of the objects, and to strengthen the follow-up management. Only in this way can we truly make our people get long-term benefits and share the fruits of social development.

We will try every possible means to expand employment.

We will attatchattach morest importance to the implementation of a more active employment policy. We must further improve public services for employment,continueemployment, continue to increase capital input in employment in order to co-ordinate urban and rural employment in urban and rural areas. We must further perfectimprove the employment assistance system and implement the employment assistance mechanism for college graduates. We need to make great efforts to develop non-profit work post and mainly help disadvantaged groups who have difficulties in finding a job in order to consolidate the achivementachievements of zero-employment households with zero-employment in urban areas. We should focus on start-upthe entrepreneur training, advance the vocational education and training system and trigger on "Enterpreneurshipentrepreneurship assistance program" to ensure the number of people who have received vocational skills training in this year will exceed 1.5 million.

We will effectively improve the social security level both in urban and rural areas.

We will strictly follow the general principles of "wide coverage, sustainable growth and meeting people's basic needs" , accelerate the establishment of a perfect social security system, promote urban and rural co-ordination and gradually realize the full coverage of various types of insurance. We must further improve the medical and health service system. We will strengthen the construcionconstruction of the three-tier rural health service network of the county, township, village three-tier rural health service network and the urban community-based medical and health service system. We will foster group of hHealth tTalents composed mainly of the gGeneral pPractitioners who will serve in the communities.

We must improve and perfect the basic medicare security systems, broaden the coverage of the social welfare insurance programs and improve the security standard so that the insurance holders rate and the participation rate of urban workers and residents' basic medical insurance and new-type rural cooperative medical insurance remain stable at 90% or more; this year we will bring up the kinds of insurances' subsidy standard to 120 yuan per person, effectively ensure the public health services funding, build up essential medicine supply security system, implement centralized puerchasing and unified distribution of the needed medicine through internet.

We must pay adequate attention to the pilot work of the basic medicine institution in 36 counties' ( county-level city or district) medical and health organization . s. We will implement pharmaceutical zero-slip sales and support Zhuzhou City to carry out public hospital reform experimentation.

With the 14 pilot counties (cities, districts) as the focus, we will actively promote the pilot work of the new-type rural social endowment insurance and manage to establish a new rural insurance system which combines individual contributions, collective benefits and government subsidies in order to make the new system brought into conformity with the prevailing security policies. To consolidate the achivementachievement that residents living on minimum wage and eligible ones all met their basic needs both in urban and rural areas, we should establish and improve the linkage mechanism between the minimum living standard and commodity price index. We need to exert more efforts to support special disadvantaged groups and make progress in developing social aid, social welfare, providing special assistance to entitled groups and combating disasters and providing disaster relief.

We must make great efforts to develop charity programs and combat disasters and greatly strengthen the construction of social welfare facilities. To reinforce the prevention and control of the major diseases, further strengthen the prevention and control ofling work to the schistosomiasis and occupational diseases. We need fFurther sStrengthen the sSupervision and mManagement of the sSafety of fFood and drugs to ensure the product quality of product.

We will vigorously carry forward the strategy that education strengthens Hunan.We will placed Eeducation should be placed in a strategic position as the for priority development and strenghen the education funds guarantee mechanism should be strengthened. We will implement the special intensified programs in deepthdepth which involve the balanced development of compulsory education ,theeducation, the basic construction of vacationalvocational education and the innovation in higher education teaching and learning to improve quality. We will focus on the construction of 1,000 qualified schools in compulsory education, speed up the transformation and expansion programs of urban compulsory schools and improve the popularationpopularity of the 3 years pre-school study and high school education. We will expand the scale of vocational education and focus on the operationrunning of demonstrative secondary vocational schools and county-level vocational education centers. We will strengthen the construction of high-level universities and key disciplinesdisciplines; ,promote college admission and trainingcultivation link to industrial development. We will encourage and support the development of private education schools, improveenhance teacher training and do a good job in the selection and training of superfine teachers, famous teachers, school principals, university academic leaders and young and middle-aged backbone teachers. We will regulate school behavior and reduce the academic burden on students. We will keep on cultivating students' moralityl virtual and vigorously implementing the quality education, exerting efforts to cultivate the students' creativity and the ability in job hunting.practical ability in order to improve employability.

We will actively improve the conditions for running schools in rural and poor areas and improve the financial assistance policies for poor students. We will pay great attention to national education and strive to ensure and enhance the educational equity. We will vigorously guarantee and try to improve the quality of primary and secondary school construction, and strengthen the school's safety education to guarantee the safety of teachers and students. We will speed up the pace to build Hunan into a powerful cultural province. We will improve cultural development planning and policy guidance,guidance; promote the mutualsimultaneous development and co-prosperity of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. We will actively implement major cultural projects which bring people benefits, improve the public cultural services. We have to strengthen intellectual property protection, vigorously promote the renovation and expansion project of the Hunan Provincial Museum, carefully plan the construction of a number of landmark-based cultural facilities such as the Hunan provincial Cultural and Artistic Center, the Hunan Provincial Art Gallery.

We will give high priority to the project to extend radio and TV coverage to every village, the project to develop multi-use cultural centers for communities, towns and townships, for sharing cultural information and resources, the project to show movies in the countryside and the project to set up book houses in rural areas. We will carry forward the excellent national culture and effectively protect and rescue our cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage. We will help accelerate the development of cultural industries, focus on fostering foster new forms of operation in the cultural industry such as modern media industry, press and publication industry, digital media art, animation performing,entertainment industry and leading cultural enterprises. We will exert great efforts to sustain several cultural industry clusterclusters such as Golden Eagle Broadcasting System , Central South Publishing & Media Group Company and Huaqiang Group Company in order to create a number of flagship enterprises and famous brands.

It is important to coordinate the development of all social undertakings ,undertakings, to develop a nationwide fitness campaign, to actively prepare for the 16th Asian Games (also known as the Guangzhou Asian Games) in order to make the sports industry grow stronger. It is urgent to establish and improve the long-term, benefit-oriented merchanismmechanism related to family planning with quality services and mass self-government in order to effectively stabilize the low birth rate.

It is necessary to further do the statistical work, the archives work , the works on the study of history and classics, the earthquake early warning work well and support the work of the Red Cross Agency,and develop more programs for the elderly and the disabled and so on. We should carefully organize and carry out the Fifth National Population Census very well.