The Third Session of the Tenth Hunan Provincial People's Conference

The Third Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC

Creatively Improving Government's Administrative Efficiency

Administrating according to law as our main line, we should always follow the requests that "honest, pragmatic ,efficientpragmatic, efficient and service-oriented", and earnestly strengthen government self-construction, be committed to construct a government services, is committed to a service-type, law-based ,responsiblebased, responsible and cleanincorruptible government.

We will keep on deepening the reform of government administrative system. We must entirely complete the task of reform of government adminstrativeadministrative system in county or county-level city.

We should quickly bring about an administrative system which matches powers with responsibilities, ensures smooth enforcement and effective oversight. We must optimize the government structure ,structure, straighten out the functions of every departments and improve the co-ordination mechanism between different departments. We will strive to resolve organization overlapping, divorce between power and responsibility,each department's acting on its own. We will comb the government administrative function one by one, highlight the main functions of serving market players and improving the development environment, spend more energy, more resources on the social management and public services.

We will actively separate government from enterprises, separate government from institutions, separate government from intermediary organizations and separate the functions of managing public affairs with its function as a funder of state-owned assets. We should give full play to the chamber of commerce and trade associations. We should vigorously promote the restructuring of town and township government and expand the pilot areas and continue to strenghenstrengthen the services ability and seviceservice quailtyquality.

We will explore and innovate government administration and thoroughly implement the administrative procedure provisions. We will prescribe the discretionary power of administrative organs and estabilshestablish and strenghenstrengthen the examin ation merchanismmechanisms which conform withto their legislated purposes and principles.

We will proceed to deepen reform of the administrative examination and approval system, optimize the process of administrative examination, simplify items subject to approval and administrative examination and shorten the time limit of the administrative examination and approval.

We must strengthen the supervision of all the administrative examination process; really achieve less-processes, time-saving, high-efficiency and quality service.

We will ensure government affair transparenct , improve governmentimprove government information disclosure mechanisms, innovate approval approaches and expand their outreach.

We will follow the pricinpleprinciple of making an overall clearance of government decisions throughout the process of administration so as to heighten the transparency of government work and the people's trust in the government. We will strengthen the construction of administrative services platform, and improve the responsibility system, the system of "settlement within the time limit" and the service commitment system so as to build the administrative service center into a real integrated service platform which disclose s information, provides government services and inspect efficacy. . We must further standardize the operationthe operation of administrative power from the sources and improve regulatory documents management. We will speed up the e-government construction ,construction, make full use of the governmental portal websites and carry out office online and service online. We will give full play to the modern information technology to improve government organization and management and improve the level of e-government application.

We will make great efforts to improve our work style. Government staff at all levels should continually enhance their abilities to analyze and solve practical problems with the Scientific Outlook on Development. We should always strengthen the investigation and analysis of social problems, ask people for political advices and suggestions, findand find out people's basic needs. We should persevere in staying realistic and pragmatic and persist on resisting bureaucratiatcism and formalism. Government staff at all levels, especially the leading cadres should spend more time and energy on study rather than on social contactsintercourse, do more work rather than hold more conferences ,conferences, do more practical works rather open more forums to truly create a good atmosphere which will encourage civil servants to do practical things and manage to put them in a very important position.

We should adhere to the principle of addressing both symptoms and root causes of corruption, taking comprehensive measures to rectify both and rely solely on the "punitive and preventive measures" while devoting greater efforts to preovention. We will accelerate the construction of a system for corruption punishment and prevention,prevention; strive to promote the construction of anti-corruption system. We must further expand the work fields and strategy of preventing and punishing corruption from its source and severely punish all forms of corruption . corruption.

We must adhere to practice economy,combat extravagance and waste and truly spend the limited funds and resources on the economy development and the people's livelihood.

Fellow deputies, the scientific draft of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is a main task in this year which is closely related to Hunan's overall development in next five years.

We must give full play to the wisdom of all social strata and concentrates the forces of entire society, enhanced the major research projects, analyze in deepth the new background and new situation during the implementation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and comply with people's expectation.

We will seek Hunan's development in accord with the general situation of the global and national development and put forward the development goals and main strategic missions in the next five years so that the plan will base itself on the our actual conditions ,conditions, reflect Hunan's characteristics and Hunan's salient features in the current stage of development, comply with the aspirations of people of the whole province.

That'all,Thank you!

Fellow deputies, standing at a new starting point to seek new development and achieve new breakthroughs, is the common expectation of all the people in our province and we regard it as our glorious mission and sacred duty. Let us rally more closely around the Central Committee of CPC with Hu Jintao as the General Secretary, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, and thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development. Under the leadership of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, let us be cConfidence, struggle in setbacks, unite as one, be innovative and creative , forge ahead in a pioneering spirit despite difficulties, ,make our people more richer and make our province more powerful, make arduous efforts to make new achivementachievements in the construction of a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and write a new chapter of happy life for the people!

Thank you!