September 8 to 9, 2012


Changsha Orange Isle Beach Park

24-hour Ticket Hotline:

0731-85524255 / 85527770 / 82222975 / 82251268

Ticket Office:

Ziyuan Building, 15th Floor, No. 395 Laodong West Road, Changsha, Hunan, PRC

All-star Bands

Basically all the bands that have performed in domestic well-known musical festivals have been invited.

Outstanding Local Bands

9 bands selected from colleges and universities or bars in Changsha will perform on the stage. Headed by super music stars, a revolution of local rock bands and original music is just around the corner.

High-caliber Volunteers

Volunteers with excellent command of English will provide international guests and overseas bands with quality service.

Environmental Awareness Promotion

More than 120 volunteers will be on the spot to provide high-quality services and initiators of “Earth Hour” will also give publicity to environmental protection.

Catchy and Creative Slogans

Catchy and creative slogans have been collected from the public to showcase their wisdom and present the festival’s characteristics.

Various Recreational Activities

The venue, Orange Isle Beach Park, has been divided into ten separate areas, including Performance Area, Audience Area, Food Area,

We enjoyed the British Rock & Roll music culture in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games, and the world experienced the grand sports event to the sound of rock music. On the other side of the world, we will pay our tribute to music during a two-day festival at Changsha’s Orange Isle Beach Park.

Festival artists cover a wide range of genres: everything from folk to rock to electronica. Big national stars like Xu Wei, Sodagreen, Wang Ruolin and Qu Wanting, as well as other famous acts like He Yun, Escape Plan and Nanwu have been invited to the show. Several local acts will find their way to the stage, as will performers and bands who have risen to the top through the recent competitive selection process. We also look forward to seeing two European bands, Dead Shape Figuer from Finland and Architects from Britain, as they take the stage at the festival. Dead Shape Figuer features a special soft voice from the canyons of Scandinavia. The Architects, on the other hand, known for their insane brand of rock, will offer the audience their first heavy metal music show in China.

The 2012 Orange Isle Music Festival aims to be the greatest outdoor music festival in China with south central China as the center. Performances will be held on the Main Stage and the Electronica Stage. The park will also be divided into ten non-music theme areas including the innovation market, graffiti area and recreation area.