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As part of the 2nd Annual Online Hunan Culture Festival we are proud to invite any and all international friends living, working, studying or traveling in Hunan to take part in this year’s photo contest.

Hunan is quickly changing and this is an opportunity for members of the international community to express their views, voice their stories and share their feelings concerning life in Hunan. The contest hopes to capture many aspects of Hunan’s past, present and development into the future through the eyes of foreigners. Photographs will be displayed through multiple online platforms as well as in galleries throughout Changsha, offering a stage for our international friends to express their feelings and views through art, communicate and strengthen their connection with Hunan, and further share Huxiang culture with the world.

Several events will be held during the Photo Contest including photography vacations throughout Hunan, international photo gallery showings, awards ceremony, photo exhibitions and more! Application details and event information will be updated via:

WeChat (Weixin): EnjoyChangsha

Theme: Hunan Through Your Eyes

Participants are encouraged to take photos that meet the following requirements:

The photo is taken in Hunan Province!

The photo conveys your experiences in Hunan - life, travel, work- and reflects your view towards specific aspects of Hunan such as natural scenery and humanities, rising Hunan, friendly people, etc.








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