Gambian Guests Visit Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall in Changsha

African friends learn about handmade carpet at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, Yuhua District, Changsha.


The trainees learn about the techniques of making porcelain carving.


Clay calligrapher inheritor Liu Shangsi write the Chinese character “Fo (Buddha)”.


The trainees learn to make wood shavings.


On May 1, officials from the Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure (MOICI) of Gambia and trainees attending the 2018 mainstream media workshop visited the Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, Yuhua District, Changsha. During their visit, they were amazed by the displayed traditional handicrafts including exquisite bamboo weaving products, vivid root carvings, and Liling porcelain works.

At representative venues of intangible cultural heritage items, they conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the inheritors, and watched handicraftsmen showing their techniques and skills on site. After that, the trainees introduced their impressions about the visit. They said that the Hall fully conveyed the charm of Hunan intangible cultural heritage items; and it is served as a wonderful platform, which greatly contributes to the China-Africa cultural exchanges.

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