Intangible Cultural Heritage Shows Staged to Celebrate Lantern Festival

On February 24, 2018, a week-long lantern show unveiled at Zhangjiajie Citizen Square to mark the upcoming Lantern Festival. An intangible cultural heritage special show was launched at the same time.


Zhangjiajie has 818 intangible cultural heritage items of 10 categories, including four national, 16 provincial, and 61 municipal level items. Yang Opera boasts a unique style among all Chinese operas. Zhangjiajie lantern show is among the China’s five most famous festival ceremonies. Sangzhi Folk Song is reputed as one of “Hunan’s Top 10 charming intangible cultural heritages”. 

This is Zhangjiajie’s first special show of intangible cultural heritage, as a supplementary for the Lantern Festival celebrations. A batch of intangible cultural heritages at various levels will be staged, such as Yang Opera, Water-sprinkling Dragon, Guigu Qigong, Zhangtou Puppet, Yongding Opera, Straw Lion Dance, and Three-stick Drum. From Feb. 24 to Mar. 2, the shows will be staged at People Square and Citizen Square. 







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