Outstanding Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors Awarded

Child performers prepare for their performances. (Photo/Yu Jingqi)


The clay figurine master Liu Kunting is awarded. (Photo/Yu Jingqi)


Dance performance at the awarding ceremony (Photo/Yu Jingqi)


A shadow puppet dance at the ceremony (Photo/Yu Jingqi)


On February 24, the Changsha Wangcheng Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor Award Ceremony was held at the Lei Feng Theatre, Wangcheng District. The Wangcheng Folk Custom Culture and Art Festival was also launched at the ceremony.

A batch of outstanding intangible cultural heritage inheritors were commended, including the clay figurine master Liu Kunting, paper cutting masters Qin Shijiao and Qin Lingchun. Intangible cultural heritage performances were staged, such as dances, shadow puppet show, and flower-drum opera.

In order to protect and develop the intangible cultural heritages, the Wangcheng District Government put in a special fund to support and award outstanding protection activities and inheritors. Many inheritance platforms and organizations emerged, such as porcelain workshop, stone carving studio, shadow puppet troupe, and paper cutting museum. A number of young intangible cultural heritage protectors and inheritors have been fostered.

Besides, many intangible cultural heritage promotion activities were introduced into the primary and middle schools, including opera and paper cutting classes. Through the classes, the students had lots of fun and gained first-hand experience of the Chinese traditional culture.

The Wangcheng Folk Custom Culture and Art Festival held colorful intangible cultural heritage activities in more than ten venues for the Spring Festival 2018.

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Translator: Pang Yuehui

Chinese source: hn.xinhuanet.com

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