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26 Friendly Representatives for Hunan International Exchange Appointed to Promote Hunan's International Communication


Twenty-six special representatives, most of whom have made great contributions to Hunan's development, were appointed in Hunan to promote the province's overall opening-up to the outside world and build a bridge for its International Exchange and Cooperation Conference on June 23, 2010.


The twenty-six representatives from sixteen countries and regions on the five inhabited continents, in an unprecedented move, were authorized by Hunan Provincial People's Government and appointed by the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Hunan Province. The representatives from various fields like government departments, enterprises, social institutes, colleges and universities possess substantial professional and social resources and have put forward many valuable suggestions on Hunan's development.


Allen Barber from Oklahoma, member of the National Committee on United States-China Relations (NCUSCR), stated that Hunan Province, situated in central China as the junction, boasts substantial geographical advantages, convenient transportation and abundant scenic attractions. Hunan has witnessed a rapid development in economy and a sound momentum in industries such as agriculture, information technology, aviation and environment protection in recent years, however, the Americans know little about Hunan, added Allen Barber. He suggested that Hunan should promote itself to the outside world by introducing its successful ventures and projects, and he is more than happy to serve as the bridge.


Chairman of the Saarland Chapter of the Germany-China Friendship Association Zhou Yaxi, who claims himself as a Hunan resident, expressed his idea of creating a new world of Hunan people by linking all the Hunan people via the Internet. He said that an Internet-based network can act as a platform for mutual assistance and communication among Hunan people and a channel for promoting Hunan's excellent products to the world and bring in advanced technologies from other countries and regions.


Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Association in St. Petersburg (Russia) Zhao Bin also agreed with Zhou's idea. Enhancing the construction of portals for foreign publicity is beneficial to Hunan's opening-up to the outside world and its international cooperation in trade and economy, and is indispensable to deepen mutual understanding in each other's culture.


Vice Governor of Hunan Province Guo Kailang extended his gratitude to their suggestions and highlighted that appointing special representatives for Hunan's international exchange is an essential step in its endeavor to boost the province's relations with international sister cities. He hoped that the representatives would come "home" more frequently, vigorously use their advantages and actively offer more ideas so as to fulfill the roles of "master" of Hunan, "middleman" and "brain truster" of Hunan's international cooperation.