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Basic Information of Friendly Representatives for Hunan International Exchange



James Lee

President of HK Jiahui International Ltd.
1. With Mr. Lee’s liaison, Mr. Ge Handong, Director  Finance and Economy Committee of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, visited British Columbia (B.C.) of Canada in February, 2013. During his visit, Mr. Ge met with leaders from Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training of B.C., and discussed tourism exchange and cooperation between Hunan and British Columbia.

2. From July 23rd to 24th, Mr. Lee went to Zhuzhou and Xiangtan along with the International Exchange Division of the Hunan Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. He briefed Ontario of Canada to related officials of the two cities, and talked over cooperation potential between them.

3. With the liaison and company of Mr. Lee, Mr. Philip Wong, the Consul of Canada Consulate General in Shanghai and representative of Ontario Government, visited Hunan on July 26th. They specially visited  automobile and IT industries in Changsha High-tech Zone, and discussed with the Investment Introduction Bureau of Changsha High-tech Zone and related enterprises. Besides, they attended the Hunan-Ontario Cooperation Meeting and talked with leaders from the Development and Reform Commission, Commerce Department, Education Department, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Machinery Industry Office of Hunan Province. Another Friendly Representative for Hunan International Exchange, Mr. Chen Zheng, also attended the meeting. They respectively introduced their international exchange and relevant policies, and talked over potential cooperative areas and programs.

4. With the support of Mr. James Lee and Mr. Philip Wong (Representative of Ontario in Shanghai), the Machinery Industry Office of Hunan Province led a delegation to attend Ontario Auto Mission in Hangzhou on September 6th. The delegation talked with Ontario automobile enterprises about their future cooperation.

5. Mr. James Lee worked as a matchmaker to link the AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales) with Hunan Youth Federation to push forward the international exchange of Hunan young people.

6. Mr. James Lee introduced urban construction programs of Fort McMurray of Canada to Hunan, to push forward economic and trade cooperation between the two sides.