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Basic Information of Friendly Representatives for Hunan International Exchange


Zhao Bin

Deputy Secretary-general of the Youth Committee of World Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations;Deputy Secretary-general of the Overseas Chinese Association in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

1. Aug.28, 2005, assisted Consulate General in St. Petersburg to receive the visiting Chinese Star Delegation headed by Mrs. Qin Zimei, wife of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, organized performances by overseas Chinese in St. Petersburg and made TV programs;
2. June.13, 2006, provided assistance to the launching of art exhibition for Digui Academy of Fine Arts, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, and Chinese Artists in St. Petersburg Artists Association;
3. Aug. 26, 2006, participated in the Sino-Russia Friendship Tour and interviewed by CCTV-4
4. In 2007, he assisted in  organizing exhibition for National Art Museum of China(one of events designed for "Year of China" in Russia);                               

5. In 2008, offered assistance to the work related to Olympic torch relay and selection of translators;
6. Aug.11, 2009, organized the Overseas Chinese Association to cheer for Chinese motorboat team;
7. 2005-2009, attended the PRC National Day Reception which is jointly hosted by the Chinese Consulate in St. Petersburg and the Government of Russia.