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Basic Information of Friendly Representatives for Hunan International Exchange


Xie Li'an

Director of North Carolina China Center

1.From Feb. 2006 to May 2009, Xie, as director of North Carolina China Center, received over 30 batches of Chinese delegates from government departments and enterprises and organized North Carolina delegates to visit China.

2.Xie once received Chinese Ambassadors to the United States including Li Daoyu, Yang Jiechi and Zhou Wenzhong in North Carolina, arranged the visit of North Carolina by delegation from the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China led by Vice Minister Chen Jian.

3.Xie led North Carolina goodwill delegation to Hunan in 2007. Since then, he frequently visited Hunan to spur friendly cooperation between Hunan Province and North Carolina.

4.In 2009, Xie arranged and received Hunan high-level delegation led by Executive Vice Governor Yu Laishan, raising the bilateral cooperation to a new level.

5.In 2010, Xie talked about introducing a food security testing technology form North Carolina Triangle Park with Qianjin Pharmacy (a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise in Zhuzhou) and will go to High-tech Zone of Zhuzhou to renegotiate on the issue with Qianjin Pharmacy in August, 2011.

6.In 2010, Xie connected Zhuzhou City and North Carolina Triangle Park, acting as liaisons to help the two sides talk over the Zhuzhou Outlets project.

7.In Augest of 2011, Xie contacts actively with medical equipment enterprises in Changsha and Zhuzhou, carrying out medical equipment cooperation projects for liver cancer treatment.

8.In 2011, acting as a go-between, Xie assisted in the joint establishment of the education fund by North Carolina Friendship Association, Hunan Friendship Association and Lenovo. The fund is financed by Lenovo and plans to support a 10-day exchange visit for 10 students in Hunan and North Carolina every year, aiming to accelerate mutual understanding between young students.

9.In Augest of 2011, with the help of the liaison work of Dr. Xie, Hunan Province and North Carolina State of the USA are to sign the Friendly Provinces Agreement. It is expected that North Carolina Delegation will visit Hunan in this October, inking a formal agreement.

10.In Augest of 2011, Xie contacts with Mr. liu, an overseas Chinese entrepreneur of North Carolina, to invite him to come to Changsha and talk about disease surveillance and food testing equipment in Changsha.

11.In Augest of 2011, Xie discusses with Hunan Satellite TV on holding the spring festival Gala in North Carolina.

12.On Feb.8 of 2012, with the help of Dr. Xie Li'an, Senator Harris Blake of North Carolina of the U.S. formally invited the representatives from Guidong County of Hunan Province to attend a monument unveiling ceremony in Moore County on April 7. It is the first monument in North California in memory of the "Flying Tiger" Robert Hoyle Upchurch. 

13.From March 6th to 11th, Dr. Xie Li'an and a shooting group from the American Industry on Demand Company (IOD) visited Hunan for the production of a documentary "The Flying Tiger" and held discussion with Xiaoxiang Film Studio and Hunan Broadcasting System. At the same time, Dr. Xie introduced several American investors to communicate with the Changsha Municipal Chamber of Commerce about the match-making of China Town in North Carolina Project.

14. From October 25th to October 27th, Dr. Xie Li’an visited Hunan and met with leaders from the Hunan Foreign Affairs Office and the Hunan Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. They discussed about the arrangements of the anniversary activities and other exchange programs between Hunan Province and North Carolina. With the company of governmental officials from the Friendship Cities Division of the Hunan Foreign Affairs Office, Dr. Xie visited Zhuzhou and discussed many detailed issues such as the exchanges between Zhuzhou and Durham, educational programs in North Carolina etc. with related persons which included the leaders from the Zhuzhou Municipal Government, the Zhuzhou Foreign Affairs Office, Educational Department, Investment Invitation Department and some enterprises.

15. From March 5th to March 7th, Mr. Xie visited Hunan and met with leaders from the Hunan Foreign Affairs Office and the Hunan Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. They discussed high-level exchanges, cooperation in culture, education, economy and trade, as well as non-governmental interactions between Hunan and North Carolina. Mr. Xie also visited Hunan Broadcasting System to discuss the cooperative documentary on “Flying Tigers”.

16. From May 9th to 11th, Mr. Xie visited Hunan and talked over key fields for exchanges and cooperation programs between Hunan and North Carolina. Related personnel from the Hunan Environmental Protection Department, Hunan Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Zhuzhou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Chenzhou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Guidong County Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Hunan Broadcasting System were also present at the meeting. Another purpose of Mr. Xie’s visit wasto discuss “Across the Pacific” concert to be held in Hunan with the Publicity Department CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, Hunan Cultural Department, Hunan Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, as well as Hunan Symphony Orchestra and Hunan Concert Hall. Mr. Xie also went to Kaihui County and discussed establishing a nursing house there, with related enterprises.

17. In May of 2013, owning to the liaison of Mr. Xie, Hunan’s Sanxiang Metropolitan Newspaper got in touch with and interviewed the old pilots of the Flying Tiger Air Force in North Carolina and the descendants of Upchurch, a pilot who sacrificed his life in Hunan during the war. This report was later published in the newspaper.

18. In July of 2013, Mr. Xie as a liaison invited students from North Carolina to attend the summer camp in Hunan, which strengthened exchange among young people of the two sides.

19. From April to August, Mr. Xie prepared liaison and reception for the visit of Hunan Delegation of Friendship Cities Affairs to North Carolina. During the preparation period, Mr. Xie came to Hunan to talk over the exchange activities and detailed matters with the delegation members. Agreements and letters of intent were signed during this visit, including cooperation in building nursing houses, China Town in North Carolina, joint education programs between O’Neal School of North Carolina and high schools in Hunan (the First Middle School of Xiangtan County, the Second Middle School and Nanfang Middle School in Zhuzhou City,), and cooperative shooting of the Flying Tiger Documentary. All of these efforts promoted substantive cooperation between Hunan and North Carolina in the fields of economy, trade, education, culture, etc.

21. From September 3rd to 4th, Mr. Xie visited the First School of Xiangtan County, No.2 Middle School and Nanfang Middle School of Zhuzhou to carry forward the cooperation programs with O’Neal School of North Carolina.

20. With the support of Mr. Xie, Hunan and North Carolina worked together to apply for the “Best Overall Award” and the “Most Outstanding Individual Award” in the Sino-US Sister Cities Conference which was jointly held by the Sister Cities International in USA and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The “Best Overall Award” commends  pairs of sister cities who have substantive exchanges and cooperation in various areas. The “Most Outstanding Individual Award” is to commend the person who played an important role in promoting exchanges between the sister cities.