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Basic Information of Friendly Representatives for Hunan International Exchange


Tatsumi Yoshio

President of the China-Japan Exchange Association in Kansai (Japan)

1. Engaged in the issues related to the promotion of trade between China and Japan, and elected president of the China-Japan Exchange Association in Kansai (Japan) in 2008;
2. Applied for 10.5 million yen from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Japan) to aid the projects in Hunan such as Maidiping playground project in Sangzhi County and Qiaoziwan drinking water project;
3. The association has committed itself to supporting the poverty-stricken areas of Hunan province by establishing schools, assisting students and improving education since 1994.
4. held a photo exhibition in Hunan to celebrate the 15th anniversary of donations to schools in Dec,2009.