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Basic Information of Friendly Representatives for Hunan International Exchange


Qiao Mingyang

Chairman of Hugehome Industrial Co., Ltd;Chairman of United Sunshine Australasian Investment Holdings Limited;Chairman of United Sunshine Australasian Multicultural Promotion Association

Qiao helped many times to contact customers and expedite salability for attracting merchants and luring investments in forestry. He also provided liaison services and arranged activities for Austrialia and New Zealand in a bid to facilitate Hunan's investment solicitation and technological exchange in forestry.


1.Organising labour from Hunan Province to International destinations.

2.Helping Companies and Corporations from Hunan Province to develop overseas business and set up international co-operation projects.

3.Mr. Qiao Mingyang has been the overseas investment and promotion representative for the People’s Government of Changsha City and Zhuzhou City. He has expanded the international market and attracted business investment from overseas in Hunan Province.