Hunan Colored Chrysanthemum Stone Goes Global

The exhibition of colored chrysanthemum stones from Liuyang attracted great attention at Expo Milano 2015. According to Li Zhou, inheritor of chrysanthemum stone carving......

Major Events

dragon boat festivel.jpg On Dragon Boat Festival Related Chu Culture

Date: Saturday afternoon, June 20
Venue: China Pavilion


Theme: Fertile Dongting Lake, Charming Hunan -- to promote achievements Hunan has made along the Silk Road and the Ancient Tea-horse Road by showcasing Chu culture and the patriotism of Qu Yuan


Activities: enjoying dark tea, making zongzi (a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves), presenting zongzi to some national pavilions and international organization pavilions and presenting silk manuscripts of Lisao by Qu Yuan to curators of these pavilions


1.jpg Tan Dun Concert

Date: Sunday, June 21
Venue: Teatro Degli Arcimboldi (to be confirmed)

Activities: Tan Dun performs his representative works: "Nu Shu: the Secret Songs of Women", "Water Concerto", "Paper Concerto" and "Earth Concerto".


Tan Dun Incorporates Nu Shu, the Ancient Secret Language of Hunan Women, into Musical Work.


张家界_副本.jpg Zhangjiajie Scenery Promotion

Date: Sunday morning, June 21
Venue: China Pavilion

Theme: Avatar’s Pandora is in the dream, while Zhangjiajie is within your reach.
Activities: promotion of spectacular scenery of Wulingyuan Geopark in Zhangjiajie

When you are ready for a tour to enjoy the grandeur of nature, Zhangjiajie will fully deserve to be your first destination.

郴州莽山_副本.jpg Forest Cities Promotion

Date: Monday afternoon, June 22
Venue: China Pavilion

Theme: Enjoy Forest Leisure in Green Cities
Activities: promotion of green economy and leisure tourism industries of Hengyang, Chenzhou and Yongzhou

Chenzhou, a shining jewel of scenery inlaid in south Hunan, prepares you with thick forest, vast sea of clouds and mists, steep mountains and breathtaking waterfalls.

崀山风光1_副本.jpg Langshan Mountain Promotion

Date: Tuesday morning, June 23
Venue: China Pavilion

Theme: Langshan Mountain—Famous Land in central Hunan
Activities: promotion of Langshan Mountain in Shaoyang and Ziquejie Terrace Fields in Loudi


It features a galaxy of Danxia landforms. Huge deep red rocks in various bizarre shapes present you with a marvelous view.

长株潭两型展览馆_副本.png "Resource –conserving and environmentally friendly" Society Promotion

Date: Friday morning, June 19
Venue: China Pavilion

Theme: Keep a resource saving and environment friendly society: focus on harmony between man and nature

Activities: Promotion of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan Pilot Zone for Developing Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society as well as such model enterprises, industrial parks and cities

中联重科起重机ZTC350助建米兰世博中国馆Zoomlion ZTC 350 mobile crane works in Expo jobsite-02_副本.jpg Zoomlion Promotion

Date: Friday, June 19
Venue: China Corporate United Pavilion

Organizer: Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


Zoomlion is the Official Global Partner of the China Pavilion of Expo Milano 2015.Zoomlion will hold an exhibition themed "Green manufacturing, Beautiful World" at the enterprise day.